Unicorn Jazz Creator Lisa Caprelli Cover Models and Interviews for All Eyes Magazine October 2021 Issue #41

/ November 8, 2021

Unicorn Jazz Creator Lisa Caprelli Cover Models and Interviews for All Eyes Magazine October 2021 Issue #41

Lisa’s Humble Beginnings

“Growing up in a Hispanic family like mine, we had lots of love, laughter, and appreciation for the good things we did have.”, says Lisa Caprelli, founder and author of the Unicorn Jazz children’s book series and brand.

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, the border town of Juarez, Mexico, it was important for Lisa to excel at school and college since her grandmother, who grew up with just a third-grade education after having to drop out of school to raise her family when her mom died, often stressed the importance of getting an education to Lisa growing up.

Lisa had two older sisters growing up who both went on to obtain degrees from universities. Eventually, Lisa fulfilled her own dream and promise to her grandmother by joining her sisters in becoming the first generation of their family who successfully completed post-secondary education, graduating magna cum laude in Social Psychology from Park University.

Her Love for Writing

Lisa realized her love for writing in the first grade during journal assignments. While the teacher asked her class to write only one paragraph each, Lisa was more than inclined to write three times as much! She further continued this tradition of writing more than what was asked going into her college years.

“To me, writing is the highest form of creativity and the use of imagination. Early on in my childhood I found solace in books and writing as a place to escape to new worlds and ideas which took me to fantasy lands and fairytale castles — things which I have never outgrown and kept on loving.”, says Lisa, who grew up quite shy and introverted. Because of this, Lisa further fell in love with writing as a source of revealing her true “voice”, and as a means of self-expression, which was done mostly on paper.

Creating a World of Happiness, Friendship, & Belonging

Lisa created the Unicorn Jazz character and series as a way to not only revisit her story-filled childhood regarding what books she had and wished she’d read, she did so with the idea in mind of creating impactful stories that she wished were available for her children, and books that she wanted to share with the world that could help dramatically improve the way kids feel about belonging, friendship, kindness over bullying, happiness and much more.

The major themes included in the Unicorn Jazz stories center around the belief that we are all individually UNIQUE as we are supposed to be! That is why the Unicorn Jazz brand focuses mainly on the developmental aspects of social-emotional learning, belonging, believing in others, finding our own meaning of happiness, and learning how to master kindness.

Inspired to Write Children’s Books Because Children Are Our Future

Lisa continues to do what she does simply because she enjoys teaching others how she herself used the fortunate and sometimes challenging series of events in her life as a collective power to create a growing way to reach kids and adults of all ages. In other words, she enjoys sharing how creativity and having the right attitude can change lives.

“Children are our future. It is my privilege and honor to be able to connect with babies, children, and kids of all ages with the lifelong work I have been blessed with…I want my children and their children and their children’s children to understand and truly believe happiness is a choice.” — Lisa Caprelli


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