Unicorn Plush Toy Doll that Goes with Unicorn Jazz Books

/ November 20, 2020

The Unicorn Storybook Character Your Child Loves to Sing Along with, Now Brought to Life as a Stuffed Unicorn Plush Toy.

With the Unicorn Jazz unicorn plush toy, your kids can carry the message of friendship and
belonging with them wherever they go!  This limited edition unicorn plush stuffed animal for kids, was the top unicorn toys combined with its book series at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair!

unicorn plush doll toy unicorn jazz childrens book

Adorable, soft and cuddly limited-edition Unicorn Jazz – unicorn plush toy dolls are now available for unicorn lovers just in time for the Christmas Holiday season!  Unicorn Gifts like these are one-of-a-kind for the person who has everything or the start of something new.

A wonderful story time companion and a magical addition to a plush doll/stuffed animal
collection, the Unicorn Jazz unicorn plush toy comes in a choice of two fabulous colors (purple or pink) for Jazz’s hair and uniquely styled musical tail. The body of this unicorn plush doll comes in a
pristine white fur while Jazz’s horn and hooves shine with a dazzling golden-yellow.

unicorn plush toy

The Unicorn Jazz plush toy is available for purchase at Amazon in purple or pink, while supplies last as a complete unicorn book and plush gift set bundle also and makes a one-of-a-kind gift for the unicorn lover.

unicorn plush toy

Unicorn Jazz Plush Doll Details:

 For ages 3+
 Made of soft polyester materials
 Available in two colors: pink and purple
 12” in height, including horn and mane, one size only
 Perfect for petting, holding, hugging and snuggling!
 For sale online at Amazon

unicorn best-seller children's bookWhat a Unicorn Represents:

The unicorn is known as a universal symbol of gracefulness and elegance in the eyes of
children worldwide.  These are the words that naturally come into every child’s mind when they think of the marvelous mythical creature.   We created Unicorn Jazz to be representative of positive social traits conveying happy emotions such as:

  • Love.
  • Power.
  • Kindness.
  • Uniqueness.
  • Purity.
  • Inspiration.

The feeling of
being unconquerable, as well as the feeling that comes from overcoming any obstacle, falls directly into the Unicorn Jazz brand’s overall message of how we learn to handle ourselves in
social situations by conquering our own emotions first.

To be a unicorn means being able to harness the power within ourselves to accomplish the
things we believed to be impossible, and social-emotional intelligence is a key factor to
establishing such a high sense of awareness in ourselves. The Unicorn Jazz children’s book
series focuses on developing these social-emotional skills so that kids can learn to unleash their
inner unicorn and also learn to help others unleash theirs.

Five Fun Unicorn Facts:
1. The unicorn is the official national animal of Scotland, and in the 15th century, several
styles of gold coins with unicorns imprinted on them were produced throughout the
2. The ancient Chinese believed that the unicorn would never show itself in times of war or
chaos, but only during periods of prosperity and peace.
3. A unicorn can only be considered captured and tamed when it allows a worthy maiden of
its choice to grab its magical horn.
4. It’s been a longstanding belief that a unicorn’s horn can purify water of any toxins and
impurities and even help cure people from fatal diseases.
5. While unicorns are typically solitary animals, they are known to love playing with their
flying dove and fairy friends.

For more information on the popular children’s unicorn book series or to grab new books that are released, please check back often on UnicornJazz.com or follow on Unicorn Jazz’s social media: Instagram or Facebook.

To purchase more Unicorn Jazz children’s picture books or products, go to Amazon Unicorn Jazz store.

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