The 12 Days of Christmas Song and Music Video by 24 Talented Kids!

/ November 15, 2020

Unicorn Jazz Presents the 12 Days of Christmas Song and Music Video – We are singing this Holiday Season with our Charity Partner:  Children’s Hospital of Orange County Foundation and 24 Talented Kid Actors, Singers and more!

12 Days of Christmas Song and Music Video

12 days of christmas unicorn jazz music video with 24 kids

Now more than ever people are feeling isolated during the holiday season. For families near and far, sickness and injury has become a barrier from gathering all together. Normally a company like Unicorn Jazz ™ would be able to come in and read to the kids of CHOC, but things continue to look differently as we work through the difficulties of this time. We realize that flu season approaches and COVID-19 restrictions remain.  

12 Days of Christmas Song and Music Video

Unicorn Jazz and author/director, Lisa Caprelli, are dedicated to the magic of childhood and bringing happiness to children.

That is why, in December 2020, we will be releasing a new music videoThe 12 Days of Christmas” featuring notable kid singers/actors.

12 Days of Christmas Song and Music Video is RAISING AWARENESS 

Unicorn Jazz is raising awareness for the CHOC Children’s Foundation leading in December 2020 with an original 12 Days of Christmas fun song for kids written by Lisa Caprelli.

casting call for kids theater


Thanks to the collective help of Leorah Haberfield from Shine Theatre Arts Project, and the Unicorn Jazz Team, 24 kids have come together to sing, cheer, clap and dance to celebrate holiday cheer with an original music video of the 12 Days of Christmas. 

Special thanks to these wonderful children listed below!

  1. Niko Rinaldi
  2. Ellie Rose Rubin
  3. Mia Francesca Martinez
  4. Parker Dzuba
  5. Molly Lyons
  6. Rhett Drennen
  7. Caitlin Foley
  8. Cody Braverman
  9. Kenzie Mercer
  10. Winter Donnelly
  11. MaddieKay Harris
  12. Kaden Amari
  1. Nirvaan Pal
  2. Jolie Wasserman
  3. Scarlett London
  4. Sofia Swade
  5. Jesse Rogers
  6. Robbie Crandall
  7. Layla Capers
  8. Lillian Hamilton
  9. Emily Strugatsky
  10. Cordelia Comando
  11. Arwen Monzon-Sanders
  12. Sophia Ruiz

As the weather gets cooler and the socks get fuzzier, we want the new music video we are making to bring holiday cheer to kids and adults everywhere! 


Unicorn Jazz ™ has made the CHOC Foundation its charity partner from November 15, 2020 to February 15, 2021 in support of CHOC Child Life.

charities that donate to childrens hospital

Additionally 15% of all proceeds from online Shop Purchases at will go directly to CHOC Children’s Foundation.

childrens hospital book drive

Support CHOC Children’s Foundation

We thank you for extending your generosity to the children who cannot be at home with their families during the holidays. If you’re thinking about giving this season, make sure you give with your heart. We hope you are inspired to also think of the children at CHOC. 

Read the article: Changing the World Despite the Pandemic With Unicorns, Puppets and Happiness News for Kids!

Around the holidays, we are so thankful to share love, kindness and happiness with the children and in-patient care at CHOC. Even though we can’t all be with our families, the holidays are a time for us to come together as people, at CHOC, online, and even through cheerful music!

Children's hospital of orange county logo and charity partner


CHOC improves the health and well-being of children through clinical expertise, advocacy, outreach, education and research. With compassionate experts in countless care specialties, we preserve the magic of childhood. CHOC is there for families every step of the way along their journeys to wellness, allowing kids to get back to being kids.

Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do – Kids Show


In a time where it is challenging to bring storytimes and in person visits to children including hospitals, writer Lisa Caprelli created The Thing I Do Show available for kids since the Pandemic.

The show is now on Amazon TV and growing.  All shows are donated to CHOC as well as recorded storytimes in both English and Spanish.  

English/Spanish Unicorn Jazz Reading for kids at the hospital: 

Lisa Caprelli sharing storytime and song for CHOC circa January 2020.

Unicorn Jazz collects new books from author friends to donate to the kids at CHOC. 2019.

For families near and far, sickness and injury has become a barrier from gathering all together. Normally a company like…

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