16 Powerful Words To Teach Kids and Adults

/ April 9, 2021

Words are powerful for kids of all ages! Their meaning can help us understand life in new and helpful ways. Teach children about words that matter. Here are sixteen words we like to teach to young children.

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Robin Williams’

Here are 16 Powerful Words To Teach Kids

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Let’s start with kindness. The Learner’s Dictionary describes this as the act of “showing a gentle nature and a desire to help others” and wanting to bring happiness to others. Being kind is helping a friend who needs help, sharing with others, or encouraging someone who needs it. Kindness can be simple actions that make others feel valued and loved.

There is no one else like you

Uniqueness is what makes you special.  There is no one else like you.  You are special and one-of-a-kind! Embrace your uniqueness because that’s what makes you, you. Everyone has something that makes them unique!

Believing in others

Believing in others means to trust and encourage them. Just like Woof the Crow believes in Unicorn Jazz in our first story book, believing in others, having faith in others, and trusting others creates strong friendships that can last a lifetime!

Powerful Words To Teach Kids

Harmony is “a pleasing combination or arrangement of different things” – Learner’s Dictionary. When people are in harmony, they are friendly and at peace with each other. Getting along with others and treating each other with respect is the key to harmony!

Serendipity is the luck and blessing of finding unexpected, but good things. Whether you find a dollar on the sidewalk or run into a good friend at the store, the word to describe these pleasant surprises is serendipity! These are the joys of life that always come at the perfect time.

Balance means to have equal and proper amounts of importance. Living a balanced life means not too much of this and not too little of that. Balance looks different for everyone! Learning to give time and energy (not too much and not too little) to your friends, family, work, and the things you love to do gives you a healthy and balanced life!

Truth is the real facts. Being honest and telling the truth helps you live a life feeling free and healthy. Friendships need truth and honesty so that there is trust. Always tell the truth!

Humility is putting others before yourself. Helping other people first and not thinking of yourself as better than others is true humility. When you humble yourself, you put yourself in a position to learn, receive, and grow!

Boldness is to not be afraid of danger or difficult situations. Kids Wordsmyth says boldness is “daring.” Taking issues head on and experiencing discomfort may not be the most fun, but it grows you, strengthens you, and makes your life better because of it.

Joy is a deep happiness and peace. Unicorn Jazz has joy when she begins to sing. Doing what you love to do makes you happy and brings you joy. When you have joy, you also have peace.

Sadness is the feeling of grief or unhappiness. When things get tough or bad things happen, we can often feel sad. It is okay to feel this emotion sometimes. Sadness is not forever and happiness is always on the other side, no matter how difficult!

Bravery is showing no fear and to be unafraid. Being brave gives you confidence and helps you believe in yourself. Facing challenges with bravery is what makes us stronger and more resilient.

Understanding is to slow down and listen to different perspectives and point of views. Sometimes you have to forgive others to understand. Understanding allows us to live in harmony with others and have peace.

Happiness is a state of contentment, joy, excitement, and many other positive emotions that puts a smile on your face! Happiness and it is something that we all want! Doing what you love to do should make you happy!

Grace is help and kindness that is not deserved, but is still given to us. We have been given grace so we should give grace back to others. Forgiving and giving second chances to others is one of the best ways we can do this!

Love is the feeling of strong and constant affection towards one another. You can love others by helping them, showing them kindness, and listening to them! At its core, love is unconditional. This means there is nothing you can do to earn it and nothing you can do to lose it.

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