Combining Spirituality & Sound with Music Teacher for Kids Alena Bernardi

/ August 24, 2021

Alena Jean Bernardi is a woman of many artistic talents. As an avid vocalist, songwriter, actress, and composer in the past, Alena is also a music educator with a unique method of emphasizing the art of spiritual teaching through sound.

Music Teacher for Kids

Music Teacher for Kids Alena Bernardi

Discovering Your Worldly Passions

Alena grew up in the suburbs of Detroit where she was always surrounded by all things music as a little girl. Aside from her love for sound, Alena also found her childhood to be submersed with love and care for the environment, the arts, storytelling, and respect for the Earth.

Music Teacher for Kids

Growing up, Alena would constantly be introduced to new pieces, composers, and plays through her mother, a scientist who also had an apt interest in music as a classical pianist – and a love for gardening and cooking “beautiful Italian dinners”, passions which Alena inherently fell in love with as well.

Alena’s father, also a scientist, taught her and her brother how to challenge their minds by teaching them various board and card games and would always read them stories of science fiction novels aloud. All of these elements that her parents passed onto her aided Alena in developing and discovering the passions that would drive her into the woman that she is today.

Finding Your Inner Balance

Alena describes herself as “Always in the inquiry of discovering balance and harmony within the human existence”. She finds music to be the ultimate mediation and connection that we all have with something that is greater than ourselves. To Alena, music has always been the thing that helps her experience the depth of human emotions by also helping her discover her own clarity of self.

“I desire to be known as someone who helps others discover their own individual connection, a peaceful Zen place, in this beautiful and abundantly giving planet we live on….Music is the medium with which I do this.” — Alena Bernardi

Unicorn Music Academy: A Fun Holistic Music School for Kids

Alena recently co-founded Unicorn Music Academy in January 2020. A holistic music, songwriting, and production school focused on mindfulness, the mission of the Unicorn Music Academy is to open up the hearts and minds of young people to the music around them by giving them the tools they need to organize their ideas and create freely.

heart of christmas

Join Unicorn Jazz alongside Alena Bernardi —as one of the musical performers for the ACCC Aaron Community Cultural Center’s Heart of Christmas, Food Bank Center event in Los Angeles on December 18, 2021!

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