Frances Rey – Faith is the Best Healer for Children and Adults

/ November 15, 2021

Frances Rey Dowds is a Certified Christian Life Coach who would like to be known in life for loving people, not just when they’re doing their best, but also when they’re at their worst.

Best Healer for Children

Frances Rey: An Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Life Coach

“Becoming a Certified Christian Life Coach has given me the platform needed to make a world of difference in people’s lives individually.”, says Frances, who sees the profession as being a ‘Spiritual EMT’. “I meet with people one on one and walk alongside them to figure out what the root of the problem is and how to bring practical solutions that provide healing”.

Born and raised in Santa Ana, California, as the middle child of seven kids, Frances became a Christian Life Coach to help inspire hope in others after her own fair share of experience dealing with her own personal tragedies, including losing her 28-year-old mother to cancer when she was three, dropping out of high school, being diagnosed with not one but two cancer afflictions herself on separate occasions only two years apart, having to deliver a stillborn at 22 weeks, and a divorce.

A big turning point for Frances was at 19, feeling hopeless, alone, and fighting her battle against thyroid cancer when a woman invited her into her church. It was then that Frances decided to dedicate her life to God and began healing her emotional scars through the words of our Lord, Jesus Christ. “When you bring healing to one area, whether mentally or emotionally, it also brings healing to other areas as well.”, explains Frances. “While I am not immune to hardship, I have learned to lean on my relationship with Christ to help get me through any healing process”.

Frances Rey: The Woman

Frances Rey is a mother of two kids, 15-year-old Armando, 13-year-old Alyssa, and a spiritual daughter, 24-year-old Lilly. Frances also works as an Uber driver, imparting her wisdom and knowledge to those who will lend an ear along the way. She loves being creative by using her God-given talent of photo-collaging and admires Keanu Reeves as a personal inspiration. “He is a very humble and approachable human being who doesn’t use his status to make others feel less.”, Frances exclaimed, “He actually uses his position of influence to help people in need!”


“Frances, you are destined for great things. Everything you are going to go through will make you who you are meant to be. But as you save the world your family and kids need you too. You were neglected as a child don’t forget to nurture your younger self right under your nose. They need you. I’m proud of you!”

Frances’ dream is to start a non-profit as a spiritual ER helping to inspire self-love, strength, healing, and personal growth to those in need by ‘Carrying the Wounded to Jesus’. Frances thanks God every day for the opportunity to continue making a progressive difference within the lives of others.

She cherishes each of her experiences, both good and bad, as they have all broadened her platforms to reach, connect, and relate to more people feeling mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in distress who are willing to take the next step in their spiritual journey.

“A little can go a long way and kindness is known to inspire more kindness. Why live in a broken world where people hurt people when instead we can choose to be people that heal others by being aware of our intentions and responses, not just in word — but in our actions as well.” — Frances Rey

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