Haiti Non-Profit Children’s Orphanage Organized by Non-Profit Grangou

/ September 21, 2021

We at Unicorn Jazz are excited to be sharing the book drive collaboration with Carrie from Grangou, an organization that assists Haitian children in need, a Haiti Non-Profit!

Grangou: The Helping Hands, a Haiti Non Profit

Carrie and her team got involved in making donations to Haiti back in 2007 where they saw many working children living on the streets, at risk, or abandoned with little to no help from social services.

In 2008, Grangou officially became an organization with the purpose of raising awareness about the extreme difficulties that Haitian children endure, as well as feeding the hearts, minds, and bodies of all Haitians who require assistance.

grangou haiti non profit

A special thanks to Hindi’s Libraries for helping donate books to Haiti kids!

A fun example of Grangou’s community events includes an annual Christmas drive which ends up with parties and gift distributions to about 300 across Haiti, a project that the Grangou team looks forward to with excitement each year. The organization firmly believes that investing in children and education is the key to Haiti’s future where currently more than half of the country’s population is below the age of 25.

No Star is Too Young to Shine

“We all have a chance every day to bring peace and love to those we meet. It doesn’t have to be on a global level, it can be as simple as kind words or a helping hand.” — Carrie

Carrie believes that everyone has the power and an obligation to make a difference in the world, all it takes is an open heart and willingness to say yes to start doing work that will impact others. After all, not only do you get the chance to help people through service, you also get a sense of personal fulfillment and tremendous joy in the process!

About Carrie

Outside of her passion for helping and working with children, what brings Carrie happiness is being able to spend time with her husband, children, and friends, relaxing at the beach, and reading her Bible. She also works as an event planner and would like to be known for being someone who “has a heart for serving Jesus and others.”


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Coming soon!  Holiday book drive donation brought to you by Unicorn Jazz and Hindi’s Libraries.

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