Hindi’s Libraries Is an Opportunity to Do Good and Create Something Meaningful

/ July 25, 2021

Hindi’s Libraries began as a small community effort to pay tribute to a phenomenal young woman, educator, and mother who tragically passed away at the young age of 32 in the summer of 2018, Dr. Hindi Krinsky. To continue Hindi’s legacy, family and friends chose to build three free-standing libraries in her children’s school.

In order to fill Hindi’s libraries the company reached out to the community for gently used books, and within two weeks they received approximately 500! From that point on, Hindi’s Libraries knew that its mission was going to become much bigger than just three book-filled buildings.

The nonprofit organization formed organically after seeing that there were plenty of people looking for an opportunity to do good and create something meaningful.

Spreading Goodness & Charity Through Literacy

Since January 2019 Hindi’s Libraries has donated over 200,000 books to more than 500 recipients spanning across all 50 states and 6 countries, including Puerto Rico, Africa, India, and Israel.

Hindi’s Libraries aims to target areas in need of literary support for our developing learners. In fact, 75% of its recipients are below the poverty line, 40% are reading below grade level, and 100% are receiving children’s books at no cost to them.

The mission of Hindi’s Libraries is that there is no better feeling than doing something for someone else and seeing how grateful that person is. It strongly believes that the most important thing in life is to be a part of something special by giving back, because it’s not always what you get out of life, it’s what you can give to it.

Leslie Gang, Hindi’s Libraries Representative

We at Unicorn Jazz are more than proud to be working with Leslie Gang of Hindi’s Libraries for a special collaboration to help bring more books to more children in need throughout the globe!

leslie gang

A first-generation born American from a Russian family, Leslie wants to be known for being a person who spoke her mind and stood up for what she believes in while teaching her children to do the same, even when it may seem difficult to do so.

Leslie is no stranger when it comes to charitable works. She was an active soup kitchen volunteer throughout her time in high school and became more involved in various community service programs when she entered college. It was at this point in her life when she realized that she wanted to dedicate “a good chunk of her time” towards community service roles.

What Leslie loves most about running Hindi’s Libraries is working with others who want to help the world as well in meaningful and creative ways when giving the gift of literacy.  During the pandemic when libraries were closed, Leslie worked with others in her area to make contactless pickups for books possible right from the driveway of her home! At a time when people were struggling and felt confused, scared, and overwhelmed, Leslie kept on finding ways to make the caring mission of Hindi’s Libraries as effective as can be.

“There is ALWAYS a way to help someone and make a difference. You do not need a million dollars, a thousand dollars, or even one dollar. Your time, your energy, your moral support- those are essential tools we all have and can lend to others- it goes a very long way. Get involved, find something you’re passionate about and step up. Wouldn’t you want someone to be there for you if the roles were reversed?” — Leslie Gang

Hindis libraries book donations

Outside of community service, Leslie is a theatre enthusiast. She has seen “Rent” nearly 25 times throughout her life. She also works as a school administrator and continues to love learning from others, especially the creativity in individuals and organizations when planning future projects.

“I like to look to those who think out of the box, step outside their comfort zone and try something new – that inspires me.”

Thanks to Leslie at Hindi’s Libraries for their generous book donations to Unicorn Jazz’s charity book drive!

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