Children’s Books about Being Kind is Found in Unicorn Jazz Eye See You: Choosing Kindness

/ October 1, 2021

Children’s Books about Being Kind is Found in Unicorn Jazz Eye See You: Choosing Kindness.

Children’s Books about Being Kind and social emotional learning is on track to be the third book in the Unicorn Jazz children’s unicorn book series with its book on Kindle and Paperback: Eye See You: Choosing Kindness.

This is great for Kindness week and National Bullying Prevention Month!

Children's Books about Being Kind

Unicorn Jazz Eye See You Choosing Kindness

Another happiness books for kids, here is a special read aloud book read by a teacher, similar to storyline online.  It will also be live Audible version, coming soon of Unicorn Jazz EYE SEE YOU: Choosing Kindness

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I was inspired to write Unicorn Jazz Eye See You Choosing Kindness because as a child in elementary school, I was teased and made fun of for wearing glasses.   I was called names like “Four eyes,” “dork,” and given names like the girl who wears “Coke bottle glasses.” 

Somehow I had an inner shield and some self worth to realize they were just being mean.  My grandmother saw how not kind other kids were to me.  She was one of the few people who knew me well enough to ask how I was doing at school.

Grandma constantly told me verbal affirmation statements like:  You are somebody.  You are smart, Lisa.  You are kind.  You are going to become something big one day.  

I truly believe it is important to have someone who believed in you as a child and to also voice to your kids or students the importance of self-worth and confidence. 

Explain what that means in a variety of ways to children.


Using Flipgrid for Teachers that include  six lessons for Homework and Lessons About Kindness – SIX LESSONS ABOUT KINDNESS

A message about choosing kindness – and not bullying by children’s author Caprelli:

And here are some pictures of what kindness means to us:

Children’s Books about Being Kind Review:

“We all need reminders about how to stay true to ourselves and respect others along the way. This story and series is so fun and inspiring and does exactly that! I highly recommend this book for kids and adults of all ages! Sit back, and enjoy this beautiful nudge to accept ourselves.” -Aexis Maron, MA, RDT/BCT, RADT

Childrens Books about Being Kind









It is a joyous time to be able to share with schools and kids many Children’s Books about Being Kind and probably thanks to technology and the research we can do as parents and educators to share positive messages.

nationall bullying prevention month kindness graphics free

As a children’s book author, I feel it is my duty to not only write engaging stories for children, be it a bedtime story, a classical favorite or an entertaining book, it is easy to incorporate social emotional learning with my children’s books about being kind, being a good friend, choosing your words carefully and more! -Children’s Author, Lisa Caprelli


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