Lakeasha Williams

An Ode to Black & Brown Children with Brooklyn Educator Lakeasha Williams

Lakeasha Williams is a long-time educator and principal of Shine Shine P.S. 399 in Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised in Brooklyn herself, Williams’ approach to education takes into consideration all aspects of life, however, she is most known in her local area and by her students for her organization of social justice and empowerment programs and events.

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leadership style interview
Creative Corner

Leading with Unicorns and Rainbows: An Essay on Lisa Caprelli’s Leadership Style and Missions

The following is an excerpt written by Unicorn Jazz Social Media Manager, Amanda Keaton, who defines what leadership means to her after mentoring and working under the guidance of our children’s author, Lisa Caprelli.  This was a college essay done by Amanda — through her own personal experience and interviews with those affiliated with UJ who play a big role

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