Black History Month 2022: Recognizing Our Nation’s African American Heroes

/ February 3, 2022

The first nationally recognized Black History Month took place in 1976 when President Gerald R. Ford sanctioned the tradition as a country-wide observance. But did you know that Black History Month actually goes back much deeper than just the past 50 years and is on its way to becoming a 100-year old American tradition?

World Read Aloud Day 2022 with Children’s Author Lisa Caprelli School Visits

/ January 27, 2022

The 13th annual celebration of World Read Aloud Day 2022 takes place this year on February 2, 2022. School teachers, principals, educators, librarians, authors, writers, and publishers all over the globe are all banding together to make this year’s World Read Aloud Day the most successful one yet!

Teaching Kids to Help Others by Giving Back – The Unicorn Jazz Way

/ January 20, 2022

The Unicorn Jazz series and the morals found in our stories focus heavily on the core aspects of social-emotional learning (SEL) and intelligence during child development. From the very first Unicorn Jazz book, each tale has been carefully woven with a key ingredient of SEL in its recipe that can help give kids examples of how to think positively even

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Unicorn Books for Kids Series Best-Selling Collection

/ October 3, 2021

Unicorn books for kids are at the heart of children and generations to come.  Upholding the Unicorn Jazz series theme, imparting life lessons matter. These best-selling books support social-emotional learning in young readers.

Make Reading Fun For Kids!

/ February 1, 2021

Make Reading Fun For Kids! We often set our children to reading without ever realizing how fun it could be. We find tricks and tactics to help children learn more and more every time we have the chance.