Hindi’s Libraries Is an Opportunity to Do Good and Create Something Meaningful

/ July 25, 2021

Hindi’s Libraries began as a small community effort to pay tribute to a phenomenal young woman, educator, and mother who tragically passed away at the young age of 32 in the summer of 2018, Dr. Hindi Krinsky. To continue Hindi’s legacy, family and friends chose to build three free-standing libraries in her children’s school.

An Ode to Black & Brown Children with Brooklyn Educator Lakeasha Williams

/ June 12, 2021

Lakeasha Williams is a long-time educator and principal of Shine Shine P.S. 399 in Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised in Brooklyn herself, Williams’ approach to education takes into consideration all aspects of life, however, she is most known in her local area and by her students for her organization of social justice and empowerment programs and events.

Unicorn Books for Kids Series Best-Selling Collection

/ January 1, 2021

Unicorn books for kids are at the heart of children and generations to come.  Upholding the Unicorn Jazz series theme, imparting life lessons matter. These best-selling books support social-emotional learning in young readers.