Promoting A Culture of Caring with Author Elsa Prado

/ August 3, 2021

Elsa is a book author and podcaster of the radio program Wings of Love (Alas de Amor), which focuses on the wellbeing and safety of children by using discipline in loving ways without the need of threats or corporeal punishments.

Her children’s book, Max and Cocoa’s Escape, is about promoting the care and responsibility of being a pet owner, such as getting them chipped and how to provide tender loving care for rescue pets being brought into new environments.


Promoting A Culture of Caring

Elsa first felt that she knack for writing when she was in Grammar School. She was told she had a gift for writing many times by teachers and professors alike throughout her education. They would most notably remark that her work was “captivating” and “engaging with an insightful perspective”, and even quite “funny”.

Today, Elsa focuses her writing on targeting and informing an audience of parents and children on how to nurture the emotional needs of children through practical methods.

Writing Through Life’s Challenges

Elsa was raised with an alcoholic parent and learned very early in life that the substance is a cancer to families that deprives them of the proper sustenance and support. She began writing in a diary during Grammar School as she struggled with life’s internal battles and external struggles.

As she got older her diary became more of a journal to her as she began writing to God, a practice that gave her the feeling of her spirit being “lifted”.

Elsa: In Her Own Words

A first-generation born Mexican-American and the oldest of eight children, Elsa credits her mother with giving her the emotional support needed to complete her formal education and tackle her life’s goals.

“I really enjoy helping the underserved. The ones that are poor and spirit and think there is no way out…I truly believe we are here to serve or help one another and to pay it forward.” — Elsa

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