Setting Goals Helps Voice Over Artist Work on Creative Projects

/ October 15, 2020

Valerie Shyokina is a wonderful and talented voice-over artist and actress who wants to be known for being the lady with the silly & quirky personality who does all the cute and funny voices for kid’s shows.


Setting Goals

Setting Goals to Do What You Love 

Before dedicating herself to a career doing voice-overs, Valerie Shyokina worked in the medical field after she graduated college with a degree in science.

However, after trying out a few jobs in her sector, Valerie ultimately decided that the medical profession just wasn’t for her.

“Do what you love and happiness will follow!”


Valerie went on to gain the courage to pursue a career in what she’s always wanted to, and it’s been the happiest decision she has made for herself by far.

Since starting her voice acting career, Valerie has appeared in quite a few projects. Commercials, character voices for shows, and much more voice-over work comes her way.

She still loves learning about science as a whole just as much as before, but more as a hobby by watching TV programs on interesting topics.

Setting Goals

Creativity & Challenges

A creative mind according to Valerie is one that can turn the simplest of ideas and material into something great and incredible. Doing so requires an artist to tap into all of their individual talents by combining them together to show the world what they can achieve.

Setting Goals

Valerie’s biggest creative challenge growing up was performing steadily in front of others, especially in front of a crowd at school.

Her stage fright caused her to have tremendous nervousness and anxiety to the point where she would shake and stutter in front of an audience, causing her to mess up terribly.

However, with much practice over the years, Valerie has conquered this fear in her adult life and can perform magnificently in front of crowds today.

Helping Others Overcome Barriers By Setting Goals for Others

Aside from working on her own passion, Valerie loves helping others with organizing their own projects.  She enjoys being the person who gets them through the frustrations that come with any project so that their dreams can become a reality.

A frequent method she uses to help others get through these frustrations is by breaking down their ideas step-by-step so that they can see their goals and progress in a positively realistic way.

We are also excited to share that Valerie will be the voices and exciting characters in the Audible narration for The Thing I Do book, coming later this year!


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