Teaching Kids to Help Others by Giving Back – The Unicorn Jazz Way

/ January 26, 2022

From the very first Unicorn Jazz book, each tale in our series has been woven with a key ingredient of social-emotional learning (SEL) in its recipe that can help give kids various ideas and examples of how to think and stay positive and kind toward others, especially during tough times.

Building Communities by Sharing Kindness

The latest addition to the main Unicorn Jazz children’s book series, Help and Give Back, shares yet another SEL quality, this time focusing on the important aspect of belongingness through purpose and community building. After all, don’t we all get a good feeling inside us when we do something good for others without expecting a reward in return?

Help and Give Back is an illustrative children’s book that follows Jazz the Unicorn, Trezekke the Zebracorn, Woof the Crow, and many friends new and old as they give back to their magical community by positively helping each other with love, compassion, and kindness.

Throughout the story, we see Jazz and others as they use and share their talents, knowledge, and even belongings to inspire others who could use a little more sunshine in their day. Perhaps some of their thoughtful acts may even inspire you to go out and spread kindness in your own unique special way too! From singing to others to donating toys, books, food, and taking care of the elderly, there are so many thoughtful ways that we can use our God-given gifts to make someone else’s day a whole lot brighter.

Teaching Kids to Help Others

Learn how Unicorn Jazz and friends help support their community through kindness in Help and Give Back.

How Kids Can Become Community Superheroes!

Giving back to the community is not just all about helping other people either – it also includes offering support to the animals and environment around us as well! Recycling, tree planting, park clean-ups, and donating to pet shelters are all fantastic ways to be a helping hand to your community while also doing your part to preserve the things we all care about.

As you can see, the possibilities to help others are as plentiful as you make them. So, what are some ways in your daily life that you can find to help others? Even if you don’t sing, paint, dance, or have a chance to volunteer or donate much, simply saying thank you for the things that go unnoticed or unappreciated can go a long way.

Telling someone that they’re doing a good job or how much they mean to you, or how they helped you without even knowing is a surefire way to put a smile on someone’s face! Remember – every day is a new opportunity to help and give back by sharing our own unique sunshine and warm kindness!

Help and Give Back – Extra Book Bonuses!

Not only was this book designed to bring so much JOY year-round, especially during the Christmas and holiday season, but Unicorn Jazz’s Help and Give Back also comes with its own song and music video, which can be viewed at UnicornJazz.com/Songs. This catchy melody is performed by one of our very own wonderfully talented child singer and actress, Emily Isabel, who is a child Broadway singer and a part of Unicorn Jazz’s The Thing I Do Show on Amazon TV and on the APP: KidsBeeTV!

Additionally, Help and Give Back, like all the Unicorn Jazz books in the series, comes with SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING activities, coloring pages, cards, and more. You are welcome to write to the Unicorn Jazz author for free educator resources: lisa@lisacaprelli.com

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