Teaching Kids to Help Others by Giving Back – The Unicorn Jazz Way

/ January 20, 2022

The Unicorn Jazz series and the morals found in our stories focus heavily on the core aspects of social-emotional learning (SEL) and intelligence during child development. From the very first Unicorn Jazz book, each tale has been carefully woven with a key ingredient of SEL in its recipe that can help give kids examples of how to think positively even in tough times.

Teaching Kids to Help Others by Giving Back – The Unicorn Jazz Way

Unicorn Jazz’s Help and Give Back centers on the SEL aspect of community building, purpose, and belonging. After all, don’t we all get a good feeling inside us when we do something good for others without expecting a reward in return?

Teaching Kids to Help Others

Teaching Kids to Help Others

Learn from this book – Help and Give Back

Help and Give Back teaches children and families about the importance of community, belongingness, and knowing that our actions can make a difference in the world! This book will bring so much JOY year round and especially during the Christmas and holiday season! Teachers and Parents, you can download free activities for this book and sing along to Help and Give BackUnicornJazz.com/Songs

Unicorn Jazz and friends are back with new ways to spread joy to the world! Join our most beloved characters including Jazz the Unicorn, Trezekke the Zerbacorn, Woof the Crow, and many others as they put their minds and efforts together to create dazzling ideas on how to make the world a little brighter by putting a smile on someone’s face.

Help and Give Back is a beautifully colored picture book intended to teach children and families about the importance of (can you take a guess?) helping and giving back! Whether it’s by giving our time towards charitable acts of service, or by using our creative and artistic talents for knowledge or support, when we put our heads together, we can find countless ways to use the unique skills we have to help and give back to others in need.

Developing a proud sense of community, belongingness, and knowing that our actions can make a difference in our world have always been the forefront lessons found in each of our Unicorn Jazz stories. That’s why we are always looking for ways to help and give back to our communities through books drives, donation calls and volunteer events year-round.

We love spreading the message of sharing and caring so much that we made a book about what those things mean to us and the positive ways they can affect people looking for a miracle. After all, there’s no denying the feeling of happiness that comes with works of gratitude. So, whether it’s being a helping hand to the people, animals, or even the nature surrounding us in need of care, what are some fun ways you can think of to help and give back?

Unicorn Jazz’s Help and Give Back also comes with its own song and music video, which can be viewed at UnicornJazz.com/Songs. This catchy melody is performed by one of our very own wonderfully talented child singer and actress, Emily Isabel, who is a child Broadway singer and a part of Unicorn Jazz’s The Thing I Do Show on Amazon TV and on the APP: KidsBeeTV!

This book and all Unicorn Jazz book series, come with SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING activities, coloring pages, cards and more. Write to author for free educator resources: lisa@lisacaprelli.com

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