The Power of Social and Emotional Skills and Learning (From a Parent’s Perspective)

/ February 24, 2021

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is simply a methodology on how children can learn and then grow.

Social and Emotional Skills and Learning

 It’s all about helping children acquire skills, knowledge, and attitudes.  This will help children manage their emotions, show empathy for others, build and sustain positive and  healthy relationships.

It is also important to set and achieve goals, and become responsible, not only contributors, but leaders of society.

Through the promotion of positive self and social awareness, these skills can  and will translate into a child’s more positive viewpoint of themselves, others, and whatever it is that they are involved in: school as well as extracurricular.

Social and Emotional Skills

SEL In and Outside of the Classroom

There are a plethora of SEL programs and resources available for schools to take part in: the Red Ribbon Campaign, Jog-a-thons, Character Counts, and even their own health classes.

Unicorn Jazz believes in ongoing resources and programs designed for teachers.  We want you to incorporate an emotionally supportive environment that meets the needs of your students with our Unicorn Jazz book series collection.

Social and Emotional Skills

The key to SEL programs’ success is implementation. While there are seemingly an endless amount of magnificent programs, they can only be as good as a school allows them to be.

Social and emotional learning is not only limited to the classroom. Raise your children in a way that allows them to be aware of others and themselves is our job as parents.

Teaching children helpful skills and creating an environment at home that fosters safety, positivity, and transparency, especially as they get older, is our responsibility. It is the cornerstone to their growth as human beings.

Administration and teachers can be excellent role models for our kids as they grow up.

Growth is not limited to the classroom or a child’s school activities. 

Home is where the foundations of social and emotional learning needs to take place.

Sometimes, this has to start with us as parents.

SEL is not only for children. It’s for everyone.

Learning how to be empathetic, how to build healthy, sustainable relationships, how to set and achieve goals, and everything in between is for child and parent alike. 

Pursuing social and emotional learning for our children and ourselves will make us better parents and better people.

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