19 People Coming Together for The THING I do – Official Song – Kids Book and Song

/ May 1, 2020

The THING I do – Official Song – From the Forthcoming Kids Book and Song in the Unicorn Jazz Series!

The Kids Book and Song for “The THING I Do”

Official Song for the Kids Book and Song Debut

Lyrics and Song by Olivia Chapman – (Trezekke’s Theme)

What is the THING You do?  You can do lots of different things if YOU want to!? We are SUPER EXCITED to announce a special surprise!

On Thursday, May 7, 2020 Unicorn Jazz @UnicornJazzBrand is Debuting the Official Song on “The THING I Do”  show by 18 talented people who connected to bring HAPPINESS to kids of all ages all over the globe!

It has been featured on Facebook Live  Facebook.com/UnicornJazzBrand, YouTube & recorded for all social media platforms.

It is now part of every show, UNICORN JAZZ PRESENTS THE THING I DO for Amazon TV/Prime


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You can see all the ways to connect with the fabulous people here.  Simply scroll down below after the lyrics!  Here is a sampling of the song in the YouTube video below. However, it will be replaced with the full 19 people coming together video, Dr. Chris and The Thing I Do show will release on May 7th.  Shh, it’s a surprise until then…


(Spoken Intro)

Everyone has something that makes them special, everyone has something they like to do!

Can you guess the thing I do?


  • Do you like to draw?
  • Do you like to paint?
  • I’d love to see
  • What you create!

Do you like to sing?

Do you like to run?

Tell us your “thing”!

I bet it’s fun


  • What is the thing you do?
  • You could do lots of different things
  • If you want to
  • What is the thing you do?
  • You could do lots of different things if you want to

(Verse 2)

  • Do you like to spell?
  • Do you like to read?
  • Does it make a sound?
  • Is it make believe?
  • Do you like to write?
  • Do you play a sport?
  • I’ve seen you at
  • the basketball court!


  • What is the thing you do?
  • You could do lots of different things
  • If you want to
  • What is the thing you do?
  • You could do lots of different things
  • If you want to


  • Well you almost guessed
  • The thing I do
  • You were really close
  • At the end of verse 2!
  • I play basketball
  • And it’s really fun
  • Cuz I like to play and I like to run
  • Now everyone has a special thing
  • I’m wondering what yours could be

(Is it) Acting, singing, chemistry?

There’s so many possibilities!


  • What is the thing you do?
  • You could do lots of different things
  • If you want to
  • What is the thing you do?
  • You could do lots of different things
  • If you want to


What do you like to do?


THE THING I DO Song Debut – May 7, 2020 by 18 talented singers, performers, friends and family that came together to connect.  The Kids Book and Song is part of the Unicorn Jazz series.


Building relationships and connections can sure span a lifetime.  We are thrilled beyond measure to have grown with family, friends, new friends, contributors and collaborations.  Sometimes we meet people and our synergies align.  It is just SERENDIPITY!

So it is not uncommon to find us supporting the great work that others do, and the folks who are part of Unicorn Jazz, whether it is one time, or a few, we are forever grateful.

Please let us know how we may support your GREAT WORK IN THE WORLD! And thank you for doing great things TOGETHER.  Together, we are shining examples of how the world truly can be a better place, when you set your mind to it.

Sharing happiness and connection is important to us!

We are truly grateful to the following people for lending their talent, time and star performances:

Kids Book and Song the thing i do

  • Olivia Chapman, We were introduced to her by a family member for her song writing and singing. You can find more about her on – Instagram
  • Julian Lerner, a 12 year old Broadway performer, actor and singer. Julian also was our Guest for National Unicorn Day, reading Unicorn Jazz and singing. Follow him on  Instagram
    • Watch his Unicorn Jazz Performance – click
  • Thanecha Anderson wrote the lyrics and music for the first song by Unicorn Jazz called the Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song.  She is also a yoga instructor. Follow her  – Instagram
    • Thanecha doing a performance on a previous show – click
  • Sheylan is a Unicorn Jazz Friendship Ambassador.  She is a Spanish & English Bilingual Kid Influencer.  Follow her:  YouTube | Instagram
    • Watch her read Unicornio Jazz – Spanish – click here


  • Marcello’s video sent in by parents the Funk Family
    • Marcello sent in a fun puppet show with his hamster on previous show – click
  • Victoria – Inspiring gal with a love for singing and dancing.  Follow her –  Instagram
  • Natalia & Ezra Sepulveda have been part of every show so far. Natalia is also our Bilingual translator. Follow her – Instagram
    • Her blog interview – click
  • Priscilla Leon is a Unicorn Jazz Friendship Ambassador. She is also a kidfluencer based out of Chicago.  She is managed by Mom @asailorswifeblog  Follow Priscilla – Instagram

  • Jasmine Powers is actually the name inspired for Unicorn Jazz.  She is the niece of author Lisa Caprelli and she helps us with many projects – Instagram
  • Nini Kuo is a teenage author of the Book I Was Dreaming Again.   Follow her – Instagram
  • Angela LopezInstagram
  • Amanda Keaton helps our show’s production and social media as well as the various things that go into growing Unicorn Jazz.  Follow her – Instagram
  • Trey Solomon – TreyJam is author Lisa Caprelli’s son.  Lisa actually made this song, inspired by his amazing talent for sports, but most notably basketball.  Trey began making YouTube videos since he was 7 and watch for his new YouTube channel coming out later this year!
  • Aisha Armer began with Unicorn Jazz as an intern and has grown with the brand, traveled with us, helped make puppets, manage social media and more! She works as a social media content writer for others growing their business. Follow her – Instagram
  • Sophia – a long time Unicorn Jazz Friendship Ambassador who has done many brand photo shoots thanks to photographer and mom OC Studios by Lizette.  Sophia loves horses, singing and more!  Follow her on our About Page and on her – Instagram. Managed by mom, Lizette Ruiz.

18 people singing the thing i do unicorn jazz kids book and song

For more information about Unicorn Jazz, its books, show or mission, go to UnicornJazz.com

We believe in creativity, arts, books and song.  Unicorn Jazz’s first book comes with the UNICORN JAZZ FRIENDSHIP Song, music and lyrics by Thanecha Anderson.  Coming soon, it will be also performed by voice actress and our children’s narrator, Tiffiany Marz!


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