Music and Puppets: The Thing I Do Song Debut by 19 Kids & Adults to Share Happiness

/ May 5, 2020

Show 5. Spreading Happiness & Cheer, we cannot wait to PREMIER! Music and Puppets and The Thing I Do Official Song Debut

Unicorn Jazz “The THING I Do” Song Debut performance connects 19 talented people for this Music and Puppets episode! We are proud of this creative team of kids and adults who came together to share happiness, especially during the challenging times many in the world may be facing today.

Here the final OFFICIAL premier song of the amazing 19 people who connected to show you THE THING THEY DO to bring smiles and joy to people all over the globe!

The simple and enjoyable act of  incorporating music with children fosters social emotional learning, self-regulation, self-confidence, leadership skills, social skills, and socio-emotional intelligence.

Scroll down to read about more kids and adults, and teachers who contributed to the rest of this show.

THE THING I DO SHOW was live on YouTube and on Facebook live, Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 11 am PST at     Our next live show will be May 28th.

Our previous show PUPPETS & HAPPINESS was a big hit on Facebook live (with over 10,000 views!  To watch that episode on YouTube in full, click here.)

Part 1 of 3 Show opening plush Singer Arwen:

Part 2 of 3 Below: Kindness message by Lisa Caprelli and 3 puppet performances by Pam, William and Shannon Johnson:

Part 3 of 3 – Jasmine Powers shares happiness

Debuting the Official Song “The THING I Do”  show by 19 creative kids and adults!

What is the THING You do?  You can do lots of different things if YOU want to!? We are SUPER EXCITED to announce a special surprise!  On Thursday, May 7, 2020 Unicorn Jazz @UnicornJazzBrand is Debuting the Official Song “The THING I Do”  show by 18 talented people who connected to bring HAPPINESS to kids of all ages all over the globe!

You can find THE THING I DO song on over 18 music platforms! Search for it on your favorite music platform to sing along.  We have the lyrics on our blog, too!
CLICK HERE – to learn about the amazing people who came together. Grab the song lyrics here.
Music and Puppets unicorn jazz the thing i do kids show 19 singers perform


“Close your eyes. Think of your favorite song. How does it make you feel?

From the happy birthday song to wedding anthems, music connects people to those happy, lighthearted moments in our lives. That’s why music is an important part of childhood. Music can enhance learning, brain development and social-emotional wellbeing. Most kids even learn their very first lessons through songs and movements. They can sing their ABC’S and clap their hands when they’re happy.
Take a moment today to share the joys of music. Hum, sing, dance and clap into a happy place with your family.” -Keyana Martinez, The StoryTime Box 


A singer and actress at just 9 years young, we are thrilled to feature Arwen! She is the 1st Latina girl as Young Anna in the 1st Frozen National Tour @frozenbroadway!

Music and Puppets

Wait until you hear this dynamic 9 year old sing!  For this show, she will be singing part of Your World from Little Mermaid!  Arwen comes from a family of musicians and we are excited to watch all the wonderful things she does.

Arwen Monzon kid singer and influencer


Music and Puppets


Teacher and Unicorn Jazz Sparkles Ambassador, Pam Quevedo, shares her sock puppet debut of Niña Sparkles!

Pam Quevedo


Pam Quevedo is a first grade dual immersion in Tustin Unified School District.  She was born in Costa Rica and loves to jazz up her life with the “Pura Vida” motto! She believes everyone’s inner sparkle was meant to shine and teaching kids to spread that sparkle wherever they go is her number one goal.

When she’s not in the classroom she enjoys spending time with her family and dog Arturito, practicing Yoga, and singing!


Music and Puppets


This rising star teacher, she is incorporating the importance of puppets and role playing which her students and for an upcoming show, we are going to make a contest for her students.  The top 3 winners will have their puppet show seen on our show!





Teacher Jennifer Lee Quatrucci and her son William, share a joy for puppets!

Music and Puppets jennifer lee quattrucci teacher

Jennifer Lee Quattrucci: I have been teaching elementary school in the inner city of Providence, RI for 23 years. I am passionate about creating an environment in my classroom where children are given the time and experiences they need to think, focus, learn, and create. I recently wrote a book, which was published by Rowman and Littlefield on August 21st, to inspire and guide other parents and educators in creating authentic, screen-free, hands-on learning experiences for their children. The book is titled: Educate the Heart: Screen-Free Activities for Grades PreK-6 to Inspire Authentic Learning.   Jennifer enjoys sharing ideas.  She is constantly looking to collaborate and learn from others who share her vision.   She is a National DonorsChoose Ambassador and love to connect teachers in high-need areas with donors who are willing to help.
“I am a very proud mom of two very amazing and inspiring children, wife, and creator and owner of the creative lifestyle blog”
Here’s a little about William: 
He is a very kind, loyal and imaginative fourth grader at St.Rocco’s School in Johnston, RI. William always works hard and has fun by creating things out of recyclables that he then uses in such super cool ways. He also loves to read, write, and create his own comic books and newspapers. His favorite food is pizza and his favorite color is yellow, which is a nod to this all time favorite character/friend, Winnie-the-Pooh.



Shannon Johnson is originally from Brooklyn, CT She became a wife and mother in her early 20’s. She was determined to continue her education despite the obstacles of health problems and motherhood. Her graphic arts degree would not come until later in life when she had the support of
her new husband. She is proud of her accomplishments but even more proud of her children’s achievements. Her oldest son is a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force and her youngest son is
graduating in May with his degree in mental health. She is also immensely proud of her step- children’s achievements, as well. Now a proud grandmother of two, she has finally realized many of her life-long dreams!

To learn more, go to her website


Music and PuppetsKindness and happiness go hand in hand.  Author, Lisa Caprelli will share why kindness is contagious and creates more happiness. She will draw from some pages in the book EYE SEE YOU: Choosing Kindness.

Lisa shares some of the hand-drawn art and stories that came into making this fun children’s book!

Bee Happy Shares About Happiness from people all over the globe!

“Last week was my birthday and I am grateful for the numerous videos sent in from people on what makes them happy.  That was my birthday wish, and I am grateful we received so many videos, I had to narrow them down to some of my top favorites in this video.  Thanks to my niece Jasmine Powers for getting these wonderful people together to make such a great HAPPINESS video! -Lisa Caprelli


Thank you to guests and everyone who contributed to this show!  It sure takes a village. We are always looking for ideas and talent for kids!

Show Credits:

Music and Puppets

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Music and Puppets

Unicorn Jack and Penelope go outside to find bee facts news. Kids get some FUN FACTS ABOUT BEES by Dr. Chris Herzig and Dude the Turtle!

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