Thomas Manor Elementary School Author Visit in El Paso, Texas

/ February 9, 2021

El Paso is a city located within the Chihuahuan Desert that borders and neighbors both, the international territory of Mexico, and the U.S. state of New Mexico, from the westernmost point of Texas.

Being a major Texan city close to the Mexican border, El Paso is known worldwide for its excellent and authentic Tex-Mex cuisine and dishes. It is also the only major city in Texas that runs on Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Mystery Reader at Thomas Manor Elementary will be Lisa Caprelli

Thomas Manor elementary school visit

The borderland of El Paso, Texas itself is known for being one of the oldest inhabited regions within North America. Archaeological evidence shows that humans were residing in the limits of El Paso for over 10,000 years! Today, the city is home to over 670,000 residents.

El Paso is also the hometown where children’s author, Lisa Caprelli, was born and raised! “I left Thomas Manor Elementary school at 6th grade and I’ll never forget saying to myself, “One day I’ll be back here with something greater to share.”  I knew that the girl I once was would change with the passage of time and experience.

El Paso is also also a sports metropolis, hosting numerous Division I college tournaments year-wide, and is home to many tourist attractions including multiple artistic and scientific museums, music festivals, performing arts centers, and national historic buildings.

children's book author lisa caprelli

Thomas Manor Elementary – 2020

anti bullying childrens book author Lisa Caprelli

Lisa Caprelli assembly style presentations – 2020

Librarian Mrs. Varela and me, Lisa Caprelli – 2020

children's book author lisa caprelli

Thomas Manor – Caprelli’s home school – 2020

children's book author lisa caprelli

Sharing the story and song – 2020

Unicorn Jazz & Thomas Manor Elementary School Author Visit

On February 12, 2021, Lisa Caprelli, author of the best-selling children’s book series Unicorn Jazz, will be sharing the joy of reading, messages and learning with a video presented to Thomas Manor Elementary School in El Paso, Texas.

A part of the Ysleta Independent School District (YISD), the Thomas Manor school’s vision statement is to prepare each student with a high level of 21st-century learning skills in order to be masters of their future education. Thomas Manor’s education curriculum focuses on inspiring its students to become successful citizens of their respective communities through the implementation of academics, fine arts, and various extracurriculars.

We at Unicorn Jazz are excited to be visiting the Thomas Manor school as our very own, Lisa Caprelli, author of the Unicorn Jazz children’s book series, is an alumnus of the school herself!

Imagine going back to your own elementary school, 36 years later? Read Lisa’s story about giving thanks to Thomas Manor Elementary!

Fun Facts About El Paso, Texas

  • El Paso is nicknamed the Sun City. This is because, on average, the city gets around 302 days of sunlight a year. That’s 7248 hours out of 8760 in a 365-day calendar!
  • The Sun City is home to two places listed as a National Historic Building of Significance: the Magoffin Home and the Plaza Theater.
  • The city is home to the natural and iconic U.S. wonder “The Thunderbird”, a long stretch of red-clay formation in the outline of a bird that can be widely seen on the North Franklin Mountains.
  • Since 1935, El Paso has been the home site where the Sun Bowl college football event traditionally takes place.

How far is El Paso, TX, from Huntington Beach, CA, the HQ of Unicorn Jazz?

The city of El Paso is about a 12 hour and a half-hour drive from Huntington Beach, California.


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