Unicorn Book Series and National Unicorn Day 2020

/ April 2, 2020

Unicorn Book Series on National Unicorn Day is shared with the world thanks to children’s author, Lisa Caprelli, during social distancing.

The award-winning unicorn book series created by Lisa Caprelli, also has a Facebook live kids show.  Watch it or see a recording of it on our website or Facebook.  Unicorn Jazz is the first storybook in its series.

“Kids love unicorns because they embody what it means to make-believe. Unicorns are imaginary creatures that don’t come with a lot of rules. Cows have to moo, zebras must have stripes, and so on, but unicorns can be whatever you want them to be. They can have rainbow-colored tails, glittery hooves, and they can even talk! That’s what kids need in order to let their imaginations run free with very few boundaries.” ~Keyana Martinez, Teacher, Educator founder of The Storytime Box

unicorn book series unicorn jazz

With a musical note for a tail, the shy Unicorn Jazz shows children of all ages that it is okay to be different in this whimsical unicorn book series.  When Unicorn Jazz meets Woof the Crow, in the first story, she feels like she does not belong.  Her mother encourages her to be herself and love who she is.

Woof the Crow reaffirms that when he tells her, “You should love what makes you unique.” She sings out loud and then goes into the school yard, bold and brave!  All the animal friends who once made her feel like she did not belong, immediately come to apologize and play with Unicorn Jazz.

You have to read the book or catch the story come to life on Audible or Amazon Prime.

Other books in this unicorn book series with hand-drawn art include:

Eye See You:  Choosing Kindness


Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends

unicorn book series

The best unicorn activities and unicorn coloring pages that go beyond the unicorn book series can be downloaded free on our site.

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Free unicorn stuff based on Unicorn Jazz best-selling books!

Unicorn Jazz Free Stuff


Free Unicorn Finger Puppet Kit

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Unicorn Jazz needs a friend, we have Trezekke Zebracorn finger puppet available right on our blog!

Hand Puppet for Boys and girls Trezekke Zebracorn Unicorn Childrens book series Unicorn Jazz

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