Unicorn Lovers Gift Set: Unicorn Plush Toy with Unicorn Jazz Children’s Book

/ October 22, 2019

Unicorn lovers of all ages will love the best-selling Unicorn Jazz children’s book and stuffed animal by award-winning author Lisa Caprelli.

unicorn gift set

Great news! We have officially launched our unicorn gift set, including the best-selling Unicorn Jazz children’s book and a stuffed unicorn–the perfect gift for unicorn lovers! You can purchase your unicorn gift set today on our Amazon Page by clicking here.

Children love stuffed animals. So what could be better than a stuffed unicorn? My children have always had a special toy, and it was usually a stuffed animal–whether it was a fluffy plush dog, giraffe, penguin or other fluffy dolls, they are always enjoyed in all shapes and sizes. Even in an age of electronic games and toys, stuffed animals have not lost their appeal.

With that said, it was not any wonder we decided to nurture the importance of the material, fabric, and details of the new Unicorn Jazz stuffed animal!

Is it a musical note for a tail or a musical tail for a note?

Unicorn Jazz is a dazzling young unicorn with incandescent purple hair, a golden horn and shining hoofs to match! Unicorn Jazz is the most unique unicorn in the world–her shapely trademarked tail is in the shape of a musical note!

Celebrate the MAGICAL Unicorn Jazz™ coming to life with this LIMITED EDITION, soft plush unicorn animal. Based on the popular children’s illustrated book series, Unicorn Jazz.

We designed the plush with imagination at play, joy and hours of playtime that Unicorn Jazz Unicorn Plush Toy and playtime will bring.

Unicorn Plush Toy and Book Birthday Gift for girls

Photo Credit: OC Studios by Lizette

1. Plush animals encourage nurturing. Soft and cuddly, you can kiss, hug, squeeze, and love your new plush pal.  Research has shown that stuffed animals foster a child’s imagination, pretend play, make believe and more.  Because they are lightweight and small, it is easy to take along on car trips, travel, and even makes a great bed time companion.  Encouraging imaginative play is crucial to a child’s social emotional learning and development.

2. Plush toy animals can sure give the best hugs.  It does not get any squishier than a stuffed animal, unlike hugging a Barbie doll or an Ipad. Unicorn Jazz plush animals are incredibly cuddly.  Your child can grab this unicorn toy animal at bed time and fall sleep with a new friend.

3. Cleaning up is easy and it does not make a mess.  When the stuffed animal itself needs cleaning, a quick run through the washing machine usually takes care of the job.

4. They’re long-lasting. Unicorn plush animals can last a long time!  Plush animals don’t bend or break or dent.  They do not require batteries or have parts that can get lost.  It is easy to pick up and put down your stuffed animal at most any time with no mess or fuss.

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Have fun singing with your new Unicorn Jazz plush with the Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song on Itunes, Spotify, IHeart Radio, YouTube.

unicorn plush toy

“Every child that I have read this book to has absolutely loved it and I have an almost constant demand for them to be able to check it out of the library. -Heather Grace, Elementary School Librarian

Great for naps and bedtime. If you love soft teddy bears and unicorn stuff animals, you will love this one-of-a-kind unicorn lover gift!




Special thanks to OC Studio By Lizette for this magical Unicorn Fairytale Shoot with Sophia and Lisa Caprelli








UNICORN JAZZ Supports STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

  • Promotes CREATIVE thinking.
  • Encourages Social Emotional Learning and emotional intelligence for kids.
  • Communicate about empathy, feelings, emotions, happiness
  • Unicorn Jazz is a children’s book series by author Lisa Caprelli and illustrator, Davey Villalobos.
  • Nominated for Odyssey Award via American Library Association
  • Grab all the kids unicorn books and other merchandise on UnicornJazz.com
  • Makes a great birthday present, holiday gift, Christmas gift, baby shower and more!

ABOVE VIDEO: Microsoft Office and Unicorn Jazz’s Author, Lisa Caprelli team up to create Technology & Literacy Workshops for Kids.

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We designed the perfect unicorn plush at 12 inches high! Comfort pet animal toys make a great present for any birthday girl, baby shower gift.

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