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/ November 8, 2022

What is World Kindness Day 2022? World Kindness Day is an unofficial international holiday that initially began in 1998 as part of the World Kindness Movement, a non-government organization. Celebrated and observed on November 13th of each year, World Kindness Day was formed to promote and appreciate the kindness in ourselves, and in others, that brings us as people together, especially during tough times. Since its inception 24 years ago, World Kindness Day has grown into a global awareness movement, with its observance being celebrated in several countries outside of the U.S., including Canada, Australia, Nigeria, Singapore, Japan, Italy, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

World Kindness day 2022 books free

Free Children’s Books: World Kindness Day 2022

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To celebrate this upcoming World Kindness Day 2022 taking place on Sunday, November 13th, we at Unicorn Jazz have partnered up with several amazing children’s book authors to distribute free digital copies of our stories to kids all over the U.S. and beyond. What’s more, each book listed below has something fundamental to share regarding the principle and moral of prioritizing kindness in all its forms throughout our day-to-day social lives.

Parents, children, and educators are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to download up to eight incredible children’s picture books for free! Simply follow the respective links below to grab your own digital copy at no cost. This offer is available only on Sunday, November 13th.

Hope you enjoy our selection below, and may you have a wonderful World Kindness Day 2022!

  • “Unicorn Jazz, Eye See You: Choosing Kindness” – by Author Lisa Caprelli & Illustrator Davey Villalobos for World Kindness Day 2022

World Kindness Day 2022 books

This happiness and kindness book is an inspiring children’s story with beautiful and vivid hand-drawn art. Woof the Crow comes back with another heart-to-heart conversation with Jazz … and it all began the moment he put on his first pair of eyeglasses.

Often teased and bullied as a child for wearing glasses, author Lisa Caprelli wrote this book for kids and adults to relate to if they feel they don’t fit in. Although shy growing up, Caprelli wishes she had a story like “Eye See You: Choosing Kindness” to teach her that being unique is always cool.

“Confiding in each other Jazz and Woof explore their friendship, with Woof sharing his experience with difficulty flying until he discovered he needed to wear glasses – a boon to his eyesight, but a problem with the manner in which others perceived his ‘new look.’ Following a trail of events as Woof adjusts to his status leads Jazz to learn that Woof’s new glasses allowed him to see her as a unicorn and begin their friendship! Written and illustrated with joy and kindness, EYE SEE YOU invites children to ‘bring out the best’ in themselves, allaying fears and differences to celebrate their unique being! This little book is one fine marriage of artistry, writing, and caring – a complete conviction that ‘everyday can be beautiful.’ Highly recommended.” — Grady Harp, Amazon Review

Click here to claim your free digital copy of “Unicorn Jazz, Eye See You: Choosing Kindness”.

  • “Millie’s Rainbow” – by Author Hilary Hawkes & Illustrator Andrea Petrlik

A story about noticing the needs of others, helping them, and thinking of them first, “Millie’s Rainbow” showcases prime examples of how we can help our friends in their time of need. Overall, this cutesy picture book shows exactly just how friendship, love, and kindness toward others can go hand-in-hand with each other. The idea of “Millie’s Rainbow” came to author Hilary Hawkes (@storytherapy) through her work experiences speaking with young children on the meanings of friendship and kindness, and the steps we take to show our care for others.

“A wonderful example for children to see various ways of helping others … and putting others’ needs ahead of their own. Author Hilary Hawkes weaves a generous helping of care into this charming story of Millie who has to hurry home because a storm is approaching. Children will love the illustrations with highlights and shadows creating a rounded 3D effect in “Millie’s Rainbow”. The artwork will draw children into the book, while the story will keep them entertained.” — Barbara Fanson, Readers’ Favorite

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  • “Ellen the Elephant” – by Author Kay B & Illustrator Adriana Cifuentes Acosta

Based on a true story and written with author Kay B’s (@littlekidsbiglesson) own children in mind, the purpose of “Ellen the Elephant” is to highlight to young children that no matter how different someone looks or behaves, we should all show compassion and be kind to one another. After all, we are each special and unique in our own way. Through stories within the story, children will learn how they can show compassion and kindness, and how they can help others in need.

“The message of spreading kindness and having compassion towards others is a message that is much needed in the world today. The story shows that being different is not bad, and that we all should be different and stand out amongst the crowd. We all have special talents and skills that we can use to bring light and life to others. The book also teaches that having the right support system around you can make a world of difference.”Amazon Review of “Ellen the Elephant”

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  • “Kai the Loneliest Palm Tree” – by Author Cindi Handley Goodeaux & Illustrator Jack Foster

“Kai the Loneliest Palm Tree” is a story about a happy little tree living alone on a tiny island. Every day she watches wildlife and boats pass by, hoping one might visit to become her friend and share the beautiful view. New friends come but are soon gone. Life is good, but Kai is lonely. Will anyone ever share her island home? While she waits and watches, Kai is filled with hope and gratitude because life is a wonderful thing. In this sweet story, she shows kindness, hope, resilience, and sharing. Kindness and sharing come from her giving nature, lovingly providing food and shelter to her visitors.

The idea behind this story came to author Cindi Goodeaux when she saw a picture of a lone palm tree and began wondering how it is that it got there. This story came from her research about how palm trees grow on islands, plus a dash of her own imagination. Each of her children’s books includes themes of friendship and kindness.

“Kai is a tender, sweet story. Cindi Handley Goodeaux does well in balancing the two emotions that Kai feels. She is lonely but she still recognizes that her life is terrific. Kids will enjoy repeating the refrain “because life is a wonderful thing.” This is a positive mantra for kids to internalize. Goodeaux also introduces some interesting facts about the natural world into her tale. The illustrations by Jack Foster are exquisite. Kai has so much personality with her big eyes in the middle of her trunk, a lei around her neck, and a flower in her hair. The rich saturated colors make you feel like you are on a tropical island. The lyrical quality of Goodeaux’s story makes it a perfect fit for bedtime. The gently flowing rhythms will soothe kids and adults alike and will carry you away to a calm, joyful place.” Kristine Zimmerman, Readers’ Favorite

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  • “Best in Me” – by Author Natalie McDonald-Perkins & Illustrator Mary Ibeh

“Best in Me” covers the themes of race, cultural understanding, tolerance, acceptance, friendship, and self-esteem. It is full of optimism with a powerful message: “Stay true to yourself, regardless of what others say or think. Discover and/or rediscover the BEST in you!”

Author Natalie McDonald-Perkins (@bestinmebook) encourages readers and students to be able to accept, tolerate, and educate themselves about the differences of others as well as delve deeper to find the BEST in themselves. Her wish is that these processes will contribute to dismantling racism, increasing self-efficacy, and spreading kindness around the world. “Best in Me” is a short, multicultural, picture book of poetry that celebrates children of all backgrounds.

“As a therapist for children, I look forward to using this book as a resource! I love how the children in the story use poetry to share their innermost thoughts and feelings with one another. The children (as well as little readers) are able to see a glimpse into one another’s hearts and minds and this process helps them to grow self-confidence as well as empathy for others. This is a wonderful story that highlights self-esteem, inclusion, and kindness for others.” – “Best in Me” Review

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  • “Timothy and His Missing Tooth” – by Author Mandy Leigh & Illustrators Uzuri Designs, Denny Poliquit

There isn’t a lack of kindness when Timothy has help from so many caring people to find his missing tooth: It’s no ordinary day for Timothy. It’s full of excitement and suspense. As he looks at himself in the mirror, at school, he notices something strange…His tooth is missing! Now, Timothy is on a mission!!! He must find his missing tooth!!! With the help of teachers, classmates, and neighborhood friends, he searches high and low for it. He could use your help too. Will he find his missing tooth, or is it lost forever?

Author Mandy Leigh originally wrote this book when she was in high school, making many changes and edits for character revision along the way. The adventure of “Timothy and His Missing Tooth” means so much to her as each character was inspired as a representation of someone from her own personal life, including her mom, aunt, granddad, and even herself! This is special to Leigh as her own kids were the story growing up as babies, and hopes to share her story with the world for other little ones to enjoy.

“Timothy and His Missing Tooth” is a very imaginative story that kids are sure to love. The mystery of the missing tooth will be fun for kids to follow along with as all his friends try to help him locate his tooth. The story has a funny ending. It could even inspire kids to get up earlier in the morning so they don’t miss their good breakfast and wind up in the same predicament as Timothy! — Jessica D. Adams, Author, Amazon Review

Click here to claim your free digital copy of “Timothy and His Missing Tooth”.

  • “How to Cure a Mine Monster” – by Author Brittany Plumeri & Illustrator Zuzana Svobodova

World Kindness Day 2022

An interactive, and engaging way to teach manners, “How to Cure a Mine Monster” is the first book of a series that was inspired by author Brittany Plumeri’s own toddler, who was constantly shouting MINE! Next thing she knew, she was already making up her own lab for toddlers to stop becoming mine monsters.

“We love this colorful book! It’s a great way to help children brainstorm ways to share, take turns, and ask politely instead of demanding, “mine!” The interactive setup gets kids moving and allows them to think through their own ideas, then read the example dialogue in the book.” — “How to Cure a Mine Monster” Review

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  • “Kai: The Missionary Sea Turtle” – by Author Natalia Sepulveda & Illustrator Alejandra Lopez

World Kindness Day 2022

A bilingual book in English and Spanish, “Kai the Missionary Sea Turtle” is a book on inspiring children to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through fun underwater adventures that also include a jellyfish hide-and-seek game and naming guides for instruments and animals.

“Kai The Missionary Sea Turtle | Kai la tortuga marina misionera” is a cute story written in both English and Spanish. The English words are written first, directly followed by the Spanish translation underneath or to the side. This was a nice touch for kids so they can see the direct translation of the words. The story begins with the sea creatures wondering who the special guest at church will be. Finally, they meet Kai, a missionary sea turtle who explains that he is a missionary who spreads the gospel of Jesus. Kai explains the different things missionaries do and the children wonder if they can be missionaries too. This book can bring up great discussions with children about how to help and serve others. There are also cute little extras in the book like finding the jellyfish on each page. There are missionary facts and a Christian parenting page in the back of the book, also in both English and Spanish. There is an adorable bilingual map at the end of the story with various words with animal, ocean, and continent names in English and Spanish which would be great for learning for kids.
This book would be a great resource for Christian churches and parents.” — Amazon Review

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World Kindness Day 2022

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