9 Best Bee Books Including Bugs & Critters Free on Kindle Unlimited

/ September 25, 2020

What do all these 9 Best Bee Books and beetles and bug books in common?  They are characters or concepts that make any child interested in more on the topic!

Best Bee Books and Bugs and Critters – Load up your Ipad, digital devices and share with children, parents and teachers.  This article is brought to you by children’s author, Lisa Caprelli, of Unicorn Jazz book series on Kindle Unlimited.

The following book collection makes for a great Best Bee Books and more reading treasure trove! 
Best Bee Books

Reviews are appreciated by all of these children’s book authors who teamed up to bring great books children!

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Best Bees Books – Bee-ing Happy With Unicorn Jazz and Friends is on Amazon

Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends by Lisa Caprelli. Illustrated by Davey Villalobos

With full pages of art, this picture book which focuses on a bee named, Bee Happy, shows happiness and kindness in simple things like dancing with friends, walking at the beach, teaching something new, dad reading to you, watching a sunset and more! Along with heartfelt happy lessons on social emotional learning this series is known for,  your kid can make their own being happy art! 

Download all 3 Unicorn Jazz books here

“Being happy is easy.  Teachers love using this book in their classroom, especially with our free printables and coloring pages.” ~Author Lisa Caprelli  

“This book makes a great gift for children with creative happy ideas on what Bee-ing Happy could be. It makes you think of more ways we can all be happy, even with simple things such as belonging, making s’mores, and being present with family and friends.” -Jacquie Aguilar, School Counselor

Sing the playful Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song with each story. Unicorn toys for girls age 5, Africa animals, birthday gift for all ages.  Author’s Website: UnicornJazz.com

best bee books

A book about daring to be different from the norm by going against the flow. “The Bee That Made Jam” is a captivating tale that comes with its very own song that goes well with the theme of being different.

I bought the Kindle version and really enjoyed reading this lovely book. I have now ordered the paperback version which has just been released as my grandchildren have wanted their own copy at home. The story is great a combination of fantastic images, a funny story which my grandchildren really enjoyed, and a great underlining learning theme to bees, nature and being different ! — Mrs S

best bee books

Barnabee bee loves to spell and dreams of becoming a spelling bee champion. Everyone believes he has what it takes to win, but the only thing holding him back is his own overactive imagination. Although everyone around him seems to believe in him, the question is…will Barnabee ever learn to BEE-lieve in himself?

Deep down, everyone has a dream! Dreams often start as early as in our youth. I was inspired to write this book for young readers to follow their dreams, even if it means they may have to face some fears along the way. No dream is too big or too small! Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from your dream! — Cazzy Zahursky

Barnabee Believes (in Himself) explores themes like self-confidence, self-belief, self-doubt, courage, and friendship.

best bee books

I was looking for a book to teach my daughter, roughly 2 years old at the time, about mindfulness. After researching children’s book, I realized that there were none that would engage her in the story. I wrote this book for her with no intentions of publishing it at first, but after feedback from family and friends, they told me that the world needs this book and to hear its message.

“This is an adorable book that uses playful rhymes to relate feelings with mindfulness practices and simple yoga techniques. I used the stories this week in my child care program to help calm the little ones before rest time. They really enjoyed it!”
– Susan Glennon, Childcare Provider & Educator

Bee Free has a message for parents and their children. For children, it’s to have a greater understanding of their breath and bodies and to learn early self-regulation skills. For parents – take time in this busy world to listen to and connect with their children playfully.

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This book is about a bug named “Bug” who loves doing nothing. Bug never gets dressed or makes his own food, or even goes to school! But when his parents decide to stop doing everything for him, Bug soon discovers that being lazy isn’t such a good idea after all… and that becoming independent is fun after all!

This is a great book for kids, but it’s just as important as an encouraging tool for parents. It shows us that the easy way is not the best way. If you want your kids to grow up to be responsible human beings, you have to let them take responsibility and face the unpleasant consequences if they don’t! Let them make mistakes, let them go without, maybe it won’t be as fast or as perfect, but let them do it themselves! That’s the only way they will grow to be the kind of adults we want them to be- considerate, efficient and responsible — Tsila Glidai

A story inspired by her daughter, author Pragya Tomar wrote this book as a lovely bedtime tale about a lazy bug and the value of doing things yourself!

A wonderful story recommended for children around ages 3-8 about bees and how they represent diligence and personal power. They communicate with each other through specific dances to indicate the presence of nectar-bearing flowers, direction and distance to the site of threats and even more. Author Deeksha Palanna wrote this book in order to introduce children to the amazing world of bees and other fascinating creatures found in nature while also installing in them a spirit of never giving up and the inspiration to follow their dreams.

“Bia the Bee Learns to Dance” is a sweet story about a bee who tries her best to learn to dance with the other bees, but just cannot get it right. She ends up being kicked out of the hive and ventures off alone to find another dance teacher. She meets other teachers along the way who teach her to dance in different ways, which is a great message for kids to realize that there is more than one way to learn or do something. It is also a great book to teach kids to never give up and keep trying. In the end, there is something very beneficial that comes out of Bia’s new found dance moves. The story is written in rhyme and the rhyming works well most of the time. The story is great to teach kids about kindness, friendship, helping others, and perseverance. – Jessica D. Adams, VINE VOICE

“Firenze’s Light” follows the story of a firefly who learns to love her light. As she tries to make peace with her differences, she hears encouragement from her friends who find her unique light to be something to celebrate. Their patience and empathy inspire a tale of gratitude, self-appreciation and perseverance. Filled with gorgeous illustrations, humor and fun, readers fall in love with Firenze’s journey while learning new ways to be supportive friends and love themselves, even when it’s difficult.

“Looking for an empowering children’s book – not only for Girls (my little boys ask for it every night). And honestly a great reminder for me too of the blessings that rain down when you find the courage to share your unique gifts. Empowering but not sappy, laugh out loud funny, gorgeous illustrations.” Jami Gertz Steele

Since there weren’t many books that encouraged embracing your uniqueness without also presenting the story using teasing and bullying, author Jessica Collazo wondered if she could write one of her own that was still funny and entertaining but nurtured more friendship and kindness. She was able to do so by creating a world in which everyone thinks Firenze’s light is great–that is, everyone but Firenze. She feels a lot of big feelings around her differences. Eventually, she comes to realize what her friends have known about her all along–her light is a gift and she can let it shine.

Author’s Website: www.shineyourlightbooks.com

“It’s In You” uses a caterpillar and butterfly to showcase the importance of following your dreams and never giving up. Kids will learn about friendship, kindness and butterfly metamorphosis in this colorful fun-filled picture book!

“My son has been completely IN LOVE with your book!!! We read it over and over and over that he memorized almost the entire book, so as I am reading it, he is literally just saying everything word for word!!! He fell in love so much that I had to purchase catapillars for him, so he could see them turn into butterflies!!! You are amazing Sharifa!!! Keep doing such a great job!!”– Zaneta

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Kids love bugs, and “What Makes a Bug a Bug” was created to help children learn all about them.

The way Andi Cann describes insects in this book is “pure science gold!”– Angela

A really fun guide to understanding and discovering what an insect is (and what it isn’t!), author Andi Cann designed the “What Makes A?” book series to make learning about science and animals fun and interesting for kids of all ages.

Best Bee Books and Bugs and Critters 

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