Growing Up with Unicorn Jazz: a Social Skills Picture Book Series

/ September 23, 2020

A Social Skills Picture Book Series designed to help kids unleash the inner unicorn in them, Unicorn Jazz is packed with educational content in a fun way that will make kids want to laugh, sing, and clap along to. In addition to the storybooks, Lisa Caprelli, creator of Unicorn Jazz has also developed a web series, The THING I Do Show, which is now streaming on Amazon Prime. 

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (September 22, 2020)—  Unicorn Jazz™ introduces THE THING I DO, the fourth picture book in its growing children’s book series which contributes moral and social-emotional lessons to young children as they navigate what it means to practice kindness, celebrate uniqueness, build confidence, and inspire others.  Caprelli will be releasing The Thing I Do children’s book on October 24, 2020, as part of her Social Skills Picture Book Series.

Social-Emotional Books for Children

With Unicorn Jazz™ brand’s rising popularity, it is safe to say that there is more in store for this unicorn’s world full of color, wonder, and endless adventure.  By supporting Unicorn Jazz, the brand will be able to continue to move forward in their goals of reaching children around the globe to teach social-emotional values.

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With at-home learning becoming a norm, Unicorn Jazz can take its place as the next readily available tool in teaching children about social interaction. These educational resources, including curriculums, coloring pages, activities, and more are yours to download at

Unicorn Jazz continues to make headway during the global pandemic with author Lisa Caprelli creating the web series “The THING I Do Show” to engage with her audiences virtually. When social distancing changed the school model for children,  Caprelli created an innovative way of reaching children, teachers and homeschool parents through visual and auditory participation. 

Teachers and parents enjoy that kids learn emotions and feelings, overcoming insecurities and finding ways to be happy with ourselves and others.

Unicorn Jazz™ is a children’s book series along with coloring pages, beyond the book free curriculum and activities for educators. Its goal is to inspire young readers through creative and imaginative stories filled with a colorful cast of animal characters brimming with diverse personalities. 

In addition to these files, Unicorn Jazz™ creates interactive web episodes for children and adults on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

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Head on over to to find out more about how reading our book series can benefit your child in a magical way!


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