Best Unicorn Stories Online for Children

/ November 27, 2020

What are the best unicorn stories online for children?  Well, you’ve come to the right story book place with Unicorn Jazz and her animal character friends.  Full of vivid art, social emotional learning lessons.  Teachers love the power of being unique and believing in others and celebrating kindness and friendship.

Unicorn Stories Online

What would unicorns be without a unique unicorn that the world loves?  Meet Unicorn Jazz and her cast of imaginative animal friends.

12 days of christmas unicorn jazz music video with 24 kids

Unicorn Jazz TM is named the most unique unicorn in the world.  She has a musical note for a tail.  And what would a children’s book be without a song?

The Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song is on 30 music platforms.  After reading this  unicorn stories online, dance and sing with your child!

Unicorn Jazz, Eye See You Choosing Kindness, is the next book in the children’s series.

The unicorn story online read a loud by Kindergarten Teacher Erin Hall as read on her YouTube Channel below.


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Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends

A picture book that delights all ages with ideas on what makes people happy.  Happiness can be found in simple and free things.

You can grab your free fun being happy activities.

Explore what makes you or your kid(s) happy!

Unicorn Stories Online

Unicorn stories online are based on the book series by Lisa Caprelli

Bilingual Reading with Teacher Pam Quevedo and Unicorn Jazz Puppet

Unicorn Stories Online

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