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/ July 1, 2023

At Unicorn Jazz, we strive to create and share meaningful and positive stories to entertain children and to encourage communication and imagination through reading, writing and art in all that we do. And did you know? The magical world of Unicorn Jazz is full of way more adventures than just the main picture books in the series. That’s right! There’s a whole Unicorn Jazz curriculum designed for growing girls and boys that includes a ton of SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) packets, coloring guides, creative writing journals, and so much more to enjoy, such as songs to listen, plays to make up, paper crafts to cut up, puppet art to get silly with – the list goes on!

This week only grab many of our curriculum, coloring and activity lessons – FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers. Click here to download.

Loads of free Unicorn Jazz songs and music video – click here.

Free Unicorn Jazz Learning Material & Resources for Kids to Try at Home

Structured not only with boosting your child’s knowledge in mind, our Unicorn Jazz curriculum is also designed to enhance the time spent learning at home with family, and above all, realizing that learning new things can be fun! Below is a list of some free activities and curriculum packets that your child will enjoy working on, either at their own pace or with the brief guidance of an adult to help get them on the right track.

  • Unicorn Finger Puppet Free Paper Craft to go with book unicorn book series: Puppets are a great way to improve your child’s communication skills and creativity. They allow your child to play, role play, use their imagination and can even improve their social skills when playing with others. To help make your book and paper craft activity educational, children can create new names or ideas out of their own characters that help express their feelings.


  • Bee Happy Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz Activity Coloring and Puppet kit: Being Happy can be found in simple activities & ideas! Incorporate these fun activities like a Bee Happy – bee puppet, coloring page, or kids can make what makes them happy. Based on the book “Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends”. For upper grades, students can incorporate the free WRITING ELEMENTS worksheet to this project – great for schools!


  • Ocean Animals Beyond the Book Activity Pages -By Unicorn Jazz children’s author: Ocean Animals is a fun, colorful exploration of sea life and poetry. Young readers will learn about various underwater creatures through creative haiku and beautiful illustrations. The Common Core State Standards encourage children to learn about poem structure, rhythm and patterns by Grade 4. Ocean Animals is a great resource for teaching these concepts as well as other topics such as oceanography and marine biology. Be sure to listen and watch the HAIKU song that goes with this book – on YouTube.


  • World Kindness Day Free FUN ACTIVITIES – Unicorn Jazz Eye See You Book: COMPREHENSION WORKSHEETS and FUN ACTIVITIES to accompany our Unicorn Jazz Eye See You book. Discover why school librarians, teachers and home school parents enjoy Unicorn Jazz and the many free printables, school resources and songs like the UNICORN JAZZ FRIENDSHIP SONG, including free coloring pages, free maze sheets, STEM activities, and more! Great for children and students aged 8+.




  • Unicorn Jazz’s The Thing I Do EXPLORE Careers, Hobbies & Interests Activities: What is the THING you do? What do you do that would INSPIRE kids? – Goes with the book THE THING I DO, a masterpiece and book that should be on every child’s bookshelf and every teacher’s classroom library, The Thing I Do, will evoke all kinds of ideas and love for the THING YOUR child does. Each page is an entertaining picture book, comic book like and full of hand-drawn art telling the story. Based on Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do Amazon TV Show and Song, this whimsical children’s picture book full of witty animal puns, subtle rhyming book, and vibrantly warm hand-drawn illustrations, The Thing I Do shines a spotlight on a new and unique mythical character to the series — Trezekke the Zebracorn! More info at




  • Unicorn Jazz Curriculum, Activity Guide with Coloring, Social Emotional Learning: Goes with the timeless loved, children’s unicorn book series, Unicorn Jazz, an illustrated children’s unicorn book series filled with imagination and wonderful lessons! Discover why Unicorn Jazz has a musical note for a tail. In this whimsical unicorn fable, Unicorn Jazz moves to a new land filled with horses, geckos, giraffes, elephant, kangaroo and zoo animals in search of animal friends. She meets Woof the Crow who believes in and inspires Jazz’s unique talent. Teachers and elementary school librarians give excellent feedback! We developed children’s unicorn books for the benefit of reading to kids. We enjoy connecting with elementary school librarians and our unicorn picture books with imaginative stories bring communication and lovely conversations.



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