Fun Things for Kids to Do: Guess The Thing Game Show with Host, Puppet Trezekke

/ November 5, 2020

A way to connect kids virtually.  Guess The Thing Game Show with Host Puppet Trezekke. Learn about this fun game show to spread a little knowledge, fun and happiness for kids!  Takes about 25 minutes to pre-record) with 3 guests, we call “contestants.”

Thank you for your interest in GUESS THE THING Game Show. 

This is a make-believe game show with real questions kids can learn about a few fun facts.  Kids and/or adults can participate in a fun and interactive pre-recording with Trezekke (Trey-zee-kee) the Puppet as the Host.   

The best of shows will go on Amazon TV as part of an episode for UNICORN JAZZ PRESENTS THE THING I DO!


guess the thing game show for kids

It’s a fun way to play along with some fun questions for learning.  We start off giving two practice questions and then four “game show” questions. It’s pretty easy.  And a lot of fun!  

Guess The Thing Game Show

We have a lot of interest and are grateful that you (or your child) want to be a CONTESTANT on The Thing Game Show (pre-recorded).  Watch the edited game show at minute 1:11:

Watch a very short, sped up time lapse of a recent Guess The Thing I Do – game show:  

Guess The Thing Game Show

Note:  We live in California so we are in PST time zone. We are doing these “games” as a way to connect during physical distancing and share the joy of bringing happiness to all kids (and adults who are bored!)  

Trezekke the puppet is led by Dr. Chris (Lisa Caprelli’s husdband).  He is a full-time physician and took on the role of puppets and video-editing to help the show. So please bare with our scheduling times/availability. ~Director, Lisa Caprelli

Each show is donated for viewing by kids who are isolated – for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County

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There are no prizes or monetary compensation. This is not a real game show in that sense.  It is a simulated fun participatory virtual meeting.  Guests, who we call CONTESTANTS, get to answer multiple choice questions tailored by age group.    Everyone who participates gets a HAPPINESS CERTIFICATE for your social media and to keep as well as picture highlights of the show.  Every show will go onto our YouTube channel. And the production teams picks the “best of” shows to go on future The Thing I do live broadcast shows. We reserve the right to refuse appearances, due to time and/or scheduling.

Parent permission is required in advance of selecting a time. Once you decide to join an upcoming virtual show, email us your wishes to to so.  We will then send you a separate digital agreement form.

Parents, for any questions, please feel free to reach out to:

  • Lisa Caprelli, Show Director, Writer

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guess the thing i do game show

Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about you AS TALENT for a blog story feature and future show appearance on The Thing I Do!   

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If you are on our “game show:

  1. Have a nice backdrop and nice lighting facing participant.
  2. Be Camera ready
  3. Clothing! We love kid talent to dress up, they can be anything (costume) – no logos please.
  4. We will do a test the day before with just Lisa Caprelli to view the angle, lighting etc.
  5. Participant will will need a computer, with microphone to hear us and so we can hear you.
  6. A link will be emailed to you on a) test day and b) recording day. It’s very easy however, please do not use a phone. (We have had to dismiss participant for not being camera ready and would like to avoid doing that!

guess the thing game show for kids

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