2020 National Make A Difference Day with The Thing I Do Children’s Book Launch

/ August 10, 2020

National Make A Difference Day with The Thing I Do Children’s Book & Song Launch is October 25, 2020

The Thing I Do Kids show and award-winning children’s author, Lisa Caprelli have teamed up with National Make a Difference Day!  October 24, 2020 is National Make a Difference Day. 

Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do – show for kids ages 3-103, is looking to showcase a variety of careers.


What is the thing you do?

national make a difference day


What is your UNIQUE TALENT?

Whether it is through playing a sport, singing, drawing, or deciding what else you like, it is important to celebrate our unique differences.

A whimsical children’s picture book full of witty animal puns, subtle rhyme schemes, and vibrantly warm hand-drawn illustrations.  Story is written by Lisa Caprelli and Davey Villalobos.  Vivid art illustrations are by Davey Villalobos.

THE THING I DO SONG – Kick off to Music Video Sung by 19 kids & Adults:


Get behind the scenes to THE THING I DO song on the Unicorn Jazz children’s song album! Click here

“The Thing I Do” shines a spotlight on a new and unique mythical character to the series — Trezekke the Zebracorn! Trezekke is just like any other zebra, except that he has a blue-ish silver horn on the top of his head. 

The fourth book in its series!

The Thing I Do,” the reader joins Trezekke and many other magical friends.  Boldly and bravely, he volunteers in front of his classmates.  He shares thing that he likes to do best, but there’s a catch.

You may THINK that you know what Trezekke’s favorite activity flat out is.  While it may seem obvious to you, the reader, it i s not.  In this story, Trezekke drops clues and hints to help you and his classmates correctly guess his favorite thing.

At the end of the story, there are imaginative ideas, the authors want you to soon discover!

Do you think you can figure out what Trezekke’s favorite thing to do is before the clues run out?

The focus behind the book’s message is one that places importance on the value of coming together.  Teach children to share their passions, interests and ideas with others.

Explore and find new things

We all have that side to us, and it comes out with an even greater creative force when we have others to express those interests with us. 


Author Lisa Caprelli with puppets Unicorn Jazz and Trezekke. These puppets are used in her show THE THING I DO and is meant to encourage role play and imagination for kids.

national make a difference day

Free Beyond the Book Activity Worksheets

Trezekke, the Game Show Host Puppet!

guess the thing i do game show

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