We are All Different A Diversity Book and Song for Kids

/ May 26, 2020

Diversity Book and Song for Kids is from the Unicorn Jazz series is more than just a song or a book trilogy – by the summer of 2020 there will be four books for kids of all ages.

A Diversity Book and Song for Kids, author Lisa Caprelli, believes in celebrating that we are all different. 

The Thing I Do song debuted with our official song release during a live segment on our own “The THING I Do” show.

We are pleased to provide another catchy song that your kids and family will want to sing, dance or celebrate.  When it comes to raising children, human connection and understanding is so important.  Social emotional learning is appreciated by teachers.  We all can come together to bring cheer and happiness to kids. 

The most wonderful part about this song and music video is that it was recorded by 19 talented adults and children via video and editing (done by Dr. Chris Herzig).  We all connected with each other to bring HAPPINESS to kids of all ages all over the globe!

“The THING I Do” song and music video focus on all the possibilities kids have to keep themselves healthy, busy, and actively learning while at home. Whether its through sports, reading, writing, painting, playing make believe, or making up something new to do entirely, our goal with this sing along song performance is to also help spread the message of staying virtually connected with our friends, family, and loved ones – no matter the distance!

The full song can be viewed on YouTube at https://youtu.be/rNjqpkQ77r0/, and on our Unicorn Jazz site at https://unicornjazz.com/show/, where you can also view past segments of “The THING I Do” Show which include super funny puppet shows and even an educational lesson on sea turtles and marine biology!

Be sure to tune in and join us live for the next “The THING I Do” show on Thursday, May 28, 11 P.M. PST, at our official Unicorn Jazz brand Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/unicornjazzbrand.

To check out the official lyrics to “The THING I Do” song, go to https://unicornjazz.com/the-thing-i-do-official-song/, where you can view a version sample of an earlier recording of the song, as well as the complete list of the adult and kid singers who contributed to our sing along song for the children’s unicorn book series, Unicorn Jazz.  

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