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Now an Amazon series, our family show is for kids ages 3-103! An edutainment series: puppet shows, game show, music, ocean animals, arts.  Directed and Produced by Lisa Caprelli with a  talented team of kid actors, Broadway singers and writers!  Click Here for our Press Kit

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We are working on a whole new series coming early 2021!

"The THING I Do" Show: Segments From Episodes

Cast & Crew

Lisa Caprelli

Lisa Caprelli

With 16 published books and counting, Lisa is an award-winning author and the brand creator of best-selling children's books: Unicorn Jazz, a series with a wonderful mission for kids!  She inspires children to CREATE and build teamwork with engaging author visits. She has taught at Long Beach State, California. Microsoft Office has partnered with Lisa to do children's writing workshops. She does storytimes at Children's Hospital of Orange County and the El Paso Zoological Society has partnered with her as she continues to grow Unicorn Jazz.

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Rhett Drennen

Rhett Drennen

Growing up with entertainment as a second language was not hard for the 13 year old.  This rising star grew up in the world of live stage production.

The apple does not fall from the tree with this family!  His mother, Jenni Drennen, is a writer and director for large events and film production.

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Emily Isabel

Emily Isabel

A singer, dancer and actress, Emily is 13 years old. She is fluent in Russian and she can play the ukulele.  Accents:  British, Brooklyn, Egyptian.
Athletic abilities:  Trapeze, ice skating, bike riding, rollerblade, roller-skate, swimming, diving. Other: Runway modeling / Fit Modeling, Improv
Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Hip hop, lyrical, standard ballroom
Commercials - she's done many and welcomes more opportunities
Workshops:  Casting, Pilot Season, Improv, Auditions, On Camera, Musical Toolbox, Musical Theater Auditions

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Matt Vasquez, RN, Puppeteer

Matt Vasquez, RN, Puppeteer

Matthew is our Trezekke puippet and his main career is that of a nurse.

He is available for schools, podcaat interviews and of course is the star of The Thing I Do and Guess The Thing Game Show!

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