Mountain View Elementary School Author Visit in Marietta, Georgia

/ January 12, 2021

Marietta is a city northwest of Atlanta, in Georgia. Near leafy Marietta Square, an 1845 former cotton warehouse houses the Marietta Museum of History. Exhibits there focus on local history.

Mountain View Elementary School Author Visit in Marietta, Georgia

We are proud to reach the students of Marietta Georgia Elementary School! On March 10, 2021, children’s author, Lisa Caprelli will be presenting to these fine young scholars!

Be nice, show compassion and express gratitude is the motto of Mountain View Elementary School.

Mountain View Elementary School Author Visit

As part of our 2021 Read Across America Dance & Sing With Me Tour with Unicorn Jazz & Friends! scheduling Read Across America Dance & Sing With Me Tour dates with Unicorn Jazz & Friends! With a city by city tour this 2021-22 school year

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Parents and students can take advantage of the Unicorn Jazz book series and more!

For starters, grab the free coloring and activity pages printable here:

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We are excited to share so much history, fun facts and more about Marietta, Georgia.

The Gone with the Wind Museum, nearby, celebrates the film and the Margaret Mitchell novel. Northwest, trails lace Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, site of an 1864 Civil War battle. 

Marietta Georgia Elementary School Author Visit wouldn’t be complete without sharing some fun facts about this local area.

When was Marietta Georgia founded?   April 7, 1788

As you may know Unicorn Jazz headquarters is in Huntington Beach, California:  The surf capital of the world.


How far is Marietta, Georgia to Huntington Beach, California?

The driving distance from Atlanta, Georgia to Huntington Beach, California is: 2,188 miles. It would take you 32 hours if travelling by car non-stop to get from one place to the other –

Fun Facts about Marietta, Georgia!

  • Characterized by numerous natural resources, affordable real estate, and historic and cultural assets, Marietta is the county seat of Cobb County, Georgia’s third largest county with over 760,000 citizens.
  • The beverage drink Coca-Cola was invented in Atlanta, just miles south of Marietta, in 1886.
  • Human rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. was born near Marietta in Atlanta in 1926.
  • The state of Georgia is the number-one producer of peanuts, pecans, and blueberries throughout the U.S.
  • Georgia is nicknamed “The Peach State”. This is largely due to the superior quality peaches that the state produces.


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