Glasses for Kids and The “MEsquad” Journey

/ November 14, 2022

Creator of MEsquad, a brand of affordable, customizable, and nearly indestructible pairs of silicone-based glasses for children, Katherine Giovannone is a versatile entrepreneur who comes from a strong background in finance and business operations.

XEN is a Kid Rock Band: Introducing the Next-Generation of Rockers

/ November 12, 2022

A diverse three-member rock band with a background mix of Chinese, Mexican, Honduran, and Hawaiian musicians, XEN, composed of fourteen-year-olds Eva and Noe and eleven-year-old Xaden, is a next-generation musical group based in Southern California inspired by grunge, rock, punk and new wave.

World Kindness Day 2022 FREE Children’s Books Giveaway

/ November 8, 2022

What is World Kindness Day 2022? World Kindness Day is an unofficial international holiday that initially began in 1998 as part of the World Kindness Movement, a non-government organization. Celebrated and observed on November 13th of each year, World Kindness Day was formed to promote and appreciate the kindness in ourselves, and in others, that brings us as people together,

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Making Magical Waves with Mermaid Elle

/ November 7, 2022

Elle Jimenez, also known by her performance name “Mermaid Elle”, is someone who loves to bring magic to others in an otherwise ordinary world through her art as a live-action professional mermaid. As a full-time aquatic entertainer, Mermaid Elle not only inspires others to chase and live their dreams, but she also helps promote the awareness of our planet’s oceanic

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4 Eye-Opening TED Talks for Teachers & Educators

/ November 6, 2022

From having to teach curriculum while getting students to settle down, to formulating and grading tests outside of the classroom (not to mention fulfilling administrative tasks), working as a schoolteacher can quickly become quite a demanding position.