The Power of Storytelling to Children

/ February 3, 2020

Telling stories to children is a powerful bonding activity, both for developing great interpersonal communication with others and in the way we teach our young minds to think for themselves by exploring their imagination.

29 Best Kindness Books for Kids

/ January 22, 2020

Kindness Books for Kids by children’s authors sharing messages about kindness, positivity and more for children of all ages.

What Kind of Unicorn Are You? Choose Kind

/ January 14, 2020

What Kind of Unicorn Are You is a Very Sweet Question. Children often ask, What Kind of Unicorn Are You? Where do you get the idea for the name Unicorn Jazz and Why did you pick a unicorn?

Teaching Kindness in the Classroom

/ January 4, 2020

Teaching Kindness in the Classroom and schools is becoming more and more of our daily conversations among parents, children and educators.  The 2020 children’s unicorn book, Unicorn Jazz Eye See You: Choosing Kindness stems from author, Lisa Caprelli’s personal stories while drawing from other children who have had issues of bullying as a child.

Children’s Book Author Visit Making an Impact in Orange County, California

/ January 3, 2020

Children’s book author visit and author visits by Lisa Caprelli are the best part of her work in creating and writing imaginative children’s stories. Watch the story’s art and words come to life with its Audible and Amazon Prime video – with voices and narration by voice actress, Tiffany Marz, and sing along with your children, the beautiful “Friendship Song”

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National Kindness Day Poem

/ November 14, 2019

National Kindness Day Poem honoring authors and illustrators. For school librarians, teachers, classrooms and children by Unicorn Picture book author.