Del Norte Elementary School Author Visit in El Paso, Texas

/ March 23, 2021

The sun city of El Paso, Texas, is receiving a fun and engaging author visit led by Unicorn Jazz creator, Lisa Caprelli.

Unicorn Jazz & Del Norte Elementary School Author Visit

del norte elementary school author visit

Unicorn Jazz and Author Lisa Caprelli, Principal Mrs. Mertha and Mrs. Soto made KVIA NEWS SUNDAY FUNDAY

El Paso is a city located within the Chihuahuan Desert that borders and neighbors both, the international territory of Mexico, and the U.S. state of New Mexico, from the westernmost point of Texas. Being a major Texan city close to the Mexican border, El Paso is known worldwide for its excellent and authentic Tex-Mex cuisine and dishes. It is also the only major city in Texas that runs on Mountain Standard Time (MST).  The city is home to the natural and iconic U.S. wonder “The Thunderbird”, a long stretch of red-clay formation in the outline of a bird that can be widely seen on the North Franklin Mountains. The borderland of El Paso, Texas itself is known for being one of the oldest inhabited regions within North America. Archaeological evidence shows that humans were residing in the limits of El Paso for over 10,000 years! Today, the city is home to over 670,000 residents. El Paso is also known for being the home town of Unicorn Jazz author, Lisa Caprelli!

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Unicorn Jazz & Del Norte Elementary School Author Visit

On March 24, 2021, Lisa Caprelli, award-winning author of the children’s Unicorn Jazz stories and songs will be presenting to the young learners of Del Norte Elementary of all grade levels in two sessions virtually!

We at Unicorn Jazz are excited to be joining up with the staff and students of Del Norte Elementary as part of our virtual World Read Across America Tour. Home of the Thunderbird mascot, the Del Norte school is garnered in its mission to building and maintaining an academic environment of strong communiction where each student can achieve success in 21st-century thinking skills and learning. As a community that understands the importance of placing an emphasis on social and emotional development within its curriculum, the school vision of Del Norte Elementary shares the same philosophy as those found in our own Unicorn Jazz stories of bonding well with others by being kind and accepting of oneself.

  1.  Presentation by Children’s Author, Lisa Caprelli.  Lisa read The Thing I Do, and students were encouraged to share their “things”.  The Unicorn Jazz Friendship Song and Q&A were discussed
  2.  Lisa Caprelli and special guest, 12 year old actress/singer: Emilly Isabel   
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Thank You Del Norte Elementary! 

Emily isabel

Emily Isabel was one of the 24 kid singers in the original 12 Days of Christmas Music video – written by Lisa Caprelli


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How Far is El Paso, TX, from Huntington Beach, California, the HQ of the Unicorn Jazz?

Located a little over 805 miles east from our HQ, the city of El Paso is about a 12 hour and a half-hour drive from Huntington Beach, California.

Making Geography Fun

Fun Facts about El Paso, TX

  • El Paso is nicknamed the “Sun City” because, on average, the city gets around 302 days of sunlight a year. That’s 7248 hours out of 8760 in a 365-day calendar!
  • The Sun City is home to two places listed as a National Historic Building of Significance: the Magoffin Home and the Plaza Theater.
  • Since 1935, El Paso has been the home site where the Sun Bowl college football event traditionally takes place.
  • El Paso is the only major city in Texas that works on Mountain Standard Time (MST).

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Author Visit in Yonkers, New York

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