What Kind of Unicorn Are You? Choose Kind

/ January 14, 2020

What Kind of Unicorn Are You is a Very Sweet Question. Children often ask, What Kind of Unicorn Are You? Where do you get the idea for the name Unicorn Jazz and Why did you pick a unicorn?

12 days of Christmas Silly Poem for Kids

/ December 24, 2019

So this is what wakes me up at night. The next story, silly poem for kids and more that pop into my head at 2 am and yes, I get up and write them all down. I grew up shy and felt like my only voice was on paper, which is probably why my creativity and ideas flow easily and

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National Kindness Day Poem

/ November 14, 2019

National Kindness Day Poem honoring authors and illustrators. For school librarians, teachers, classrooms and children by Unicorn Picture book author.

Children’s Unicorn Books Create Connection and Creativity

/ August 20, 2019

We developed children’s unicorn books for the benefit of reading to kids.  A child’s social-emotional learning and emotional development skills are crucial today.  It is not any wonder why elementary school libraries are stocked with picture books full of words that become prolific stories, art that is conveyed in the form of illustrations that bring the meaning and messages of imagination alive for a child.

First Day of School Children’s Book for Confidence by Unicorn Jazz

/ July 31, 2019

This is a time of year that children of all ages can have the Back to School Blues, first day of school worries or fear of what to expect at a new school grade, fitting in, having friends, a new school, change or just the idea of having spent their summer away from school – going back can be rather

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